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A Guide to Cannabis Edibles

What You’ll Learn:

In this guide to all things edibles, we’re going to cover:

    • What a cannabis edible is and what types are available
    • How cannabis-infused edibles can offer distinct wellness benefits
    • How to incorporate marijuana edibles into your lifestyle

A Guide to Cannabis Edibles

Even for the new cannabis adventurer, it’s easy to see that there are many forms of cannabis to consider. Offering up the ultimate in versatility, the multitude of cannabis products out there makes it possible to find something to suit every adult consumer.

One of the most popular ways to enjoy cannabis is edible, a convenient, smoke-free option that just so happens to also be delightfully delicious. Consumers at all experience levels can take advantage of the benefits that edibles have to offer, earning edibles a spot among the most widely-appealing cannabis consumption methods.

But before you can dive into the incredible, edible world of cannabis-infused food and beverage, let’s take a close look at the tasty treats. We’re going to help you learn the basics of cannabis edibles so that you can decide whether or not you want to add edibles to your recipe for the perfect high.

What is a Cannabis Edible?

So, exactly what are edibles? Simply put, an edible is a cannabis-infused product that you can eat (or drink). 

And it’s not just “pot brownies” and cannabis cookies that make up this ever-expanding category of cannabis products; actually, edibles made up of a surprisingly diverse range of foods and drinks. Edibles infused with marijuana run the gamut from chews and chocolate bars to seltzers, hot sauces, and even cocktails – and just about anything and everything else you can think of.

Despite what you’ve heard, making DIY edibles isn’t as easy as just grinding up some cannabis and mixing it into some brownie batter. Instead, crafting edibles that are both delicious and effectively infused with cannabis requires some skill and quality ingredients. The edibles you purchase from a dispensary have generally been perfected with a precise blend of cannabutter, oils, and tinctures. Instead of wasting your flower on a failed baking experiment, save yourself the disappointment and treat yourself to high-quality edibles instead. 

THC vs. CBD edibles: What are the differences?

For an inexperienced consumer, it can seem like there’s a never-ending amount of cannabis terms to master – and even the seemingly simple topic of edibles has its fair share of complexities. 

If it’s your very first time browsing the various types of edibles, you might be overwhelmed by the array of options available. But before you start deciding whether chews or soft-baked cookies sound more appetizing, it’s important to understand what cannabinoid content means for edibles.

Cannabinoids are compounds unique to plants within the cannabis family, with the two best-known cannabinoids being THC and CBD. Depending on your ideal experience, you’ll likely find that a certain balance of cannabinoid content is right for you. And when you see products advertised as THC-rich or CBD-only edibles, here’s what that means:

    • Experienced marijuana consumers often prefer edibles that contain a high concentration of THC. Typically associated with the feeling of being  “high,” THC can often produce psychoactive effects.
    • CBD-only edibles are generally sourced from the hemp plant, which is related to marijuana but has slightly different properties. For consumers that would rather avoid the intoxicating effects of THC, CBD edibles can be a great fit.
    • Edibles that have a combination of THC and CBD are often the most common variety you’ll find at your local dispensary, giving you the best of both worlds in a single bite. There are many edible options with a balanced, 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD, but other varieties are also available to match your preferences. 

Advantages of Edible Cannabis Products

If you’ve been thinking that marijuana edibles are becoming increasingly popular, you’re right. Edibles are a consumer favorite, and for a good reason. 

They serve up an array of advantages for all kinds of consumers, including:

    • Many people find edibles to be far more approachable than smoking, primarily because they are incredibly easy to eat and enjoy.
    • According to most edibles enthusiasts, the high comes on very gently and lasts longer than other methods, then lets you down easily. This has to do with the way the body metabolizes edibles compared to how it processes smoked or vaporized cannabis.
    • For anyone that wants to stay away from the potential health concerns associated with smoking, edibles are often an obvious choice.
    • Because there are so many types of marijuana edibles on the market, finding something you truly love doesn’t have to be a struggle.
    • Discreet and convenient edibles are a hassle-free way to enhance every day with the plant properties of cannabis. There’s no obvious aroma, and enjoying your edible won’t draw unwanted attention.
    • Precision-level dosing is possible with edibles because you know exactly what is in each serving of a given product. So, you can tailor the amount of edible to suit specific circumstances or your personal preferences.

Tips for Choosing the Right Edible – and the Right Amount – for You

When you hear stories about edible experiences gone wrong, you can usually attribute it to inexperience on the part of the consumer (or a low-quality product). When you’re shopping for cannabis-infused edibles, it’s important to have a solid foundation of knowledge to guide you along the way. Otherwise, you can end up with edibles that aren’t suited for your body, desired experience, or even your tastes.

Here are a few good tips for enjoying edibles to their true potential by shopping smart:

    1. First, stick to a reputable dispensary that carries a well-rounded selection of quality products. It might seem tempting to go with the cheapest cannabis edibles from any dispensary near you, but a subpar edible equals a subpar experience. Instead, make sure you’re shopping at a dispensary that you know you can trust to provide only the best edible brands and products.
    2. Take the time to read the labels of the products you’re considering because that will give you a lot of valuable information to aid in your decision-making process. Not all edibles are equal, and ingredients lists littered with artificial colors, preservatives, and other unwanted items are a good clue to keep on searching. Also, look closely at the strain (sativa vs. indica), as well as the serving size and concentration level.
    3. There’s a saying that floats around the cannabis community: “Start low and go slow.” When it comes to cannabis edibles, that concept definitely applies. Even if you’re a fairly experienced consumer, edibles are an entirely different ballgame. Start with a small serving size, then slowly work your way up until you achieve your ideal experience.

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