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Posted on January 7th, 2021 by Canna Provisions


Now that Travel and Leisure magazine names the Berkshires as one of the best places to travel in 2021, there’s only one thing left to do. Celebrate it.

From the grand dame of travel magazines herself, Travel and Leisure:

City-dwellers have been visiting this region of gently rolling hills and charmingly sedate towns in Western Massachusetts since the 19th century, but a welcome boost of youthful energy arrived with the 2018 opening of the design-forward hotel Tourists in North Adams and, last year, the launch of Miraval Berkshires, the third location of the luxe wellness resort.

While summer is still the most popular season, thanks in part to the beloved classical music venue Tanglewood and dance center Jacob’s Pillow, there are still plenty of opportunities for social distancing, from the enormous exhibition spaces at the contemporary art museum Mass Moca, to the pastoral acres surrounding the Clark Art Institute (home to the Institute’s first-ever outdoor exhibition, Ground/work, through October 2021), to a hike up Mount Greylock or Monument Mountain, to a meal at Cantina 229, a restaurant set on a farm that offers outdoor seating in warmer months.  

Mooncloud, a new bar in Great Barrington, is riding out the pandemic with a slate of to-go meals and cocktail kits. Tuck in for the night at the peaceful but chic Inn at Kenmore Hall, a bed and breakfast in a classical Georgian estate. 

The Berkshires Best Place To Travel 2021
The Berkshires is the best place to travel in 2021 and this shot backs that up. Via Dan McCarthy @acutalproof


So think about travel in 2021. Go ahead. You can even search for things like “wellness country” or “best spas in the Berkshires” or even “dispensary near Tanglewood”. When you do, make sure to bookmark this post. Or any post on this blog, really. It’s got a lot for you. As does our stores in the Pioneer Valley.

We mentioned we have Chemdog growing for us right?

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travel in 2021
DIY no bake protein bites with Howl’s THC cannabis infused tincture go great with travel in 2021, especially in the Berkshires. Check out our DIY series on Youtube here!


The best news? Life is better with cannabis. And the Berkshires are better with Canna Provisions cannabis products. Marijuana tinctures. Cannabis edibles. All at a dispensary near Albany New York as much as it is the best recreational dispensary in Massachusetts (to us, and our loyal customers).

Speaking of best reasons to travel in 2021…

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