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Posted on December 18th, 2020 by Canna Provisions


Somehow, Keith Richards is still with us.

All praise his name.

The legendary guitarist and perpetually ornery prankster to main foil Mick Jagger remains a cultural totem pole onto himself. And there’s no need to go over his biography here, other than to celebrate his birthday with some choice quotes on his love of cannabis over the years, as well as a now infamous one-on-one interview with another legend (and longtime cannabis legalization and NORML supporter through his life), journalist Hunter S. Thompson.

Our favorite “Keef” quote of all time (a joke given the phonetics of his English brogue, but we may as well spell it “kief”) on marijuana goes like this from a 2015 Billboard Magazine article:

keith pipe
Keith Richards will always be cooler than you. And that’s fine. We need Keith. Protect him.

“Eh, I love my pot,” says the 71-year-old Rolling Stone, seated for lunch one Thursday in the empty back room at Il Cantinori in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. He’s decked out in his customary head scarf, dark jacket and dress shirt unbuttoned to the navel. “Love my weed. Unashamedly a fan. A piece of good hashish now and again.”

That same year he told the New York Daily News:

“To me, pot is just fun. And I’m glad to see the rest of the country is coming around to my way of seeing things.”

We do know if the Stones ever passed this way and were in need of the best marijuana tinctures, flower, cannabis oils, edibles, pot accessories, vapes, prerolls and everything else carried at Canna Provisions, this would be their key stop on the road to #betteryourjourney.

Check out this classic interview Hunter S. Thompson – legendary gonzo journalist and counterculture icon that needs no introduction here (and if so, get to Google pronto) – and Keith Richards at Thompson’s notorious fortified compound in Woody Creek, Colorado some years back, and come see us when the weed need calls:

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