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Want to understand how cannabis has been thriving in 2020?

Ever since the pandemic began, people we speak to have often asked or just searched online: “How has COVID-19 affected cannabis and legal marijuana use?”

Or moreover: “Can cannabis help defeat coronavirus?”

We don’t know much about the latter query, but as for the former we have a little insight. Thanks to the number crunchers at New Frontier Data, a leading data and analytics firm focused primarily on the legal marijuana and hemp industries, they have just released a new report looking at the future of the legal cannabis industry in the age of COVID-19, moving into 2021 and beyond.

We’ll be dispatching different findings as we come across them (there’s so much data!) but we thought we’d present a couple quick findings as it may relate to you, your interests, or someone wondering if edibles became a hot new legal cannabis product – like tinctures, topicals, pre-rolls, flower – due to the effects of the Great Pandemic of the 21st Century. Spoiler: They did.

Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 9.35.16 AM
Image courtesy of New Frontier Data

Here’s another way to look at that data: When COVID-19 came in, people started thinking “hey maybe instead of passing joints around in a circle for a social consumption bit a fun, maybe I should have my own pre-roll”. Which was good thinking [NOTE: Ask our guides or staff about the “Share Moments Not Joints” product bundle of prerolls for this very situation].

But they were also clearly thinking: “Where can I find marijuana edibles that are legal, safe, lab tested, and consistent in effect?”. Turns out that was also good thinking, as the data above shows a 23% increase in post-COVID sales of edibles as a category.

Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 9.26.28 AM


Another interesting finding is that 1 in 5 consumers reported having “acquired cannabis from a new source during the pandemic” and that newer users over the age of 55 (our most common new customer at Canna Provisions) was prone to use the same source they’ve had for cannabis, versus a pre-COVID source.

And considering most new users in Massachusetts are being introduced to the benefit of having safe, legal, easy to access high quality cannabis products by way of the legal market, that sounds about right to us.

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