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Posted on October 20th, 2020 by Canna Provisions

Holiday Buying Guide

Do you find yourself scrambling for last-minute holiday gifts, year after year? If so, you definitely aren’t alone. Whether your biggest challenge is finding the time, inspiration, or money to shop for gifts, this year can be the one that you finally make a change.

Canna Provisions is your go-to holiday headquarters for cannabis gifts, with a huge selection of options that any cannabis enthusiast will love. And as cannabis becomes an increasingly popular lifestyle or wellness choice for millions of people across America, you might just be surprised at how many people in your life could put a cannabis gift to good use.

Here at Canna Provisions, there are few things we love more than helping our customers discover new products they love – but when we can help you find the perfect gift for someone special, that’s even better. We’ve put together a handy holiday buying guide to the best cannabis gifts out there, including a few fun options to get for yourself.

Find the Perfect Cannabis Gift for Someone Else

Every cannabis journey is as unique as the individual experiencing it, which can be both a benefit and a challenge when you’re browsing cannabis gifts. Finding cannabis strains for sale that suit your friend or family member can get especially tricky because you might be unsure what their preferences may be. They may be partial to certain strains and completely dislike others, which is why our guides often recommend gifting accessories and cannabis supplies instead.

If you have a friend or family member that’s a frequent cannabis consumer, they’re always going to need the right supplies on hand. That means that even the most practical of presents will likely be very appreciated because you’re giving them the gift of a hassle-free cannabis experience. On the other hand, if you’d rather find a somewhat unexpected cannabis gift, you can always give them an accessory that they might not buy themselves, something that’s just a step outside their cannabis comfort zone.

Ultimately, accessories and supplies can make excellent gifts. From stocking stuffers to big-ticket items, here are a few of our favorite ideas for gifts for cannabis lovers:

Hemp Cones

For anyone that enjoys smoking marijuana with paper rather than glass, premium hemp cones are nearly always a guaranteed gift win. Designed to be perfectly slow-burning, and free of nicotine and tar, the hemp cones by Higher Standards deliver a delightfully smooth smoke.

Rolling papers

Do you know someone that’s a dedicated DIY joint-roller? For those that prefer to make their joints rather than purchase pre-rolls, high-quality rolling papers are always a must. Canna Provisions carries a wide selection of rolling paper types, brands, and sizes, so you can put together a fun variety of choices for the recipient to try.

A New Vaporizer

Sometimes, the motto “go big or go home” applies to gift-giving, especially when you’re shopping for someone extra-special. If you have someone in your life that enjoys vaping cannabis, an upgraded vaporizer device is the ultimate treat. We offer a range of vaporizers at virtually every price point, so you can go budget-friendly or splurge instead.

Dab Tool

A dab tool might not be the most glamourous of cannabis accessories, but it’s a necessity for vape pens, bangers, and joints alike. It makes an inexpensive gift that you know will get plenty of use – what could be better than that!

Get Yourself Something Special this Holiday Season

Sure, the holidays are a season for giving – but nobody said that you couldn’t treat yourself to a few gifts too! When you’re shopping for cannabis gifts, it’s virtually impossible to ignore the variety of strains, products, and accessories that you yourself would love.

And why should you? There’s never been a better time to do a little shopping self-care, especially when it comes to finding new ways to enhance your cannabis experience.

Here are a few suggestions for shopping for yourself this year:

A fabulous new flower strain you’ve never tried

It’s easy to get comfortable with a few favorite strains, but getting adventurous is always fun. Expand your horizons with a few new strains that suit your style, whether you enjoy a relaxing, energizing, or balanced experience. Our recent favorites include Critical Mass, Blue Dream, Agent Orange, and Crescendo – but a guide can always make a suggestion if you have something specific in mind.

Some infused sweet treats

There’s an unwritten rule that comes into play during the holidays, and it gives you full permission to indulge in a few extra treats. And with cannabis edibles from Canna Provisions, you can enjoy marijuana in its most delicious form. Try some new chewy gummies, hard candy, or even a gourmet chocolate bar or two, and let the sugar and cannabis power you through the busy season.

A top-quality concentrate

If you’re like most of our customers, you probably have a general budget that you try to stick to for all things cannabis. But maybe, just maybe, you can make this holiday particularly magical with a big-ticket gift to yourself – like a premium concentrate from Canna Provisions. We’ve curated an outstanding collection of concentrates from the best brands in the industry, ranging from well-known names to artisanal, boutique brands. You can browse several options for high-THC concentrates, all of which were crafted with the highest standard of care.

Let Our Guides Help You Gift Shop

Whether you’re new to the world of cannabis or simply struggling with gift ideas, the guides at Canna Provisions are always happy to help. Not only can they help you find a path to your ideal cannabis experience, but they’re also well-equipped to recommend gift ideas for fellow cannabis enthusiasts.
At our dispensaries in Western Massachusetts and the Berkshires, you’re never alone on your cannabis journey. Canna Provisions guides are there every step of the way, ready to jump in and help you select the strains and products that suit your desired experience.

Make Your Holiday Season Bright with Gifts from Canna Provisions

For cannabis beginners and seasoned consumers alike, a gift from one of our Massachusetts dispensaries is as good as gold. Plus, there’s no better way to celebrate the holidays than with a little something for yourself. After all, you deserve a reward for making it through the hectic holidays!

Even if you aren’t a marijuana enthusiast yourself, the odds are pretty good that you have at least a few in your life – and they’re sure to love a cannabis-centric gift. And who knows, while you’re gift shopping at Canna Provisions, you might just find something that sparks a new interest in joining our cannabis community.

With three dispensary locations in Western Massachusetts, Canna Provisions offers both convenience and outstanding quality. Our dispensary staff is enthusiastic, experienced, and excited to help customers, and our selection of premium cannabis can’t be beaten. Plus, we work hard to offer fair pricing and great deals all year long, so you can afford to be extra-generous this holiday season.

Get a head start on gift shopping this year and pre-order holiday gifts from Canna Provisions today!


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