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Posted on January 29th, 2021 by Canna Provisions


Here’s a reason to still love terrestrial radio: The Western Mass Business Show with Ira Bryck, on WHMP.

For those that haven’t caught him, imagine an earnstwhile radio interviewer with the soul of the old school, a touch of Larry King’s stately bravado on the mic, and as it relates to business in Western Massachusetts he leans toward the Ted Lasso school of “be curious not judgmental”.

And coming up on Saturday Feb 6 at 11am and Sunday Feb 7 at 2pm, the eponymous host will welcome Canna Provisions CEO Meg Sanders, COO Erik Williams, and Director of Cultivation and living cannabis cultivation legend, Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski.

canna provisions chemdog greg krzanowski the western mass business show with ira bryck
Be sure to tune in to WHMP Saturday Feb 6 at 11am and Sunday Feb 7 at 2pm to here all about the business of cannabis in the Commonwealth.

You can catch it here on Soundcloud:


And since you likely clicked on this because of either an affinity for business talk of all stripes, or maybe you are interested in the business of cannabis. Or, maybe, just maybe, you love Chemdog and can’t wait until his first harvest of legal cannabis is ready for consumption. Because it’s going to be exclusively available at Canna Provisions, stay tuned to www.cannaprovisionsgroup.com and our social media for updates.

Canna Provisions Golden Bough Jon Piasecki Wiseacre Farm Cannabis Berkshires Lee Holyoke Pioneer Valley Easthampton
Wiseacre Farm Cannabis bringing Golden Bough exclusively to Canna Provisions in early 2021.

Until then, he’d like to let you know about the “treat” that is smoking another Canna Provisions exclusive only-found-here offering, Wiseacre Farms Cannabis first harvest of Golden Bough.

“But what’s Golden Bough?” you may have just asked. “And how do you pronounce it?”

For the first question, see here, and then come in to buy some today its finally available.

For the second, it’s like “bow”, which makes sense because this artisanal “sun grown” Berkshires cannabis is rare and when you smoke it you tend to say “wow”. “Bow” and “wow”. You get it.

Check out the full video with Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski here.


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