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Posted on January 16th, 2021 by Canna Provisions


If you’re looking for the best recipe for making cannabis butter, stop looking. You’ve found it.

Well, you’ve found one of the best. Because it is the simplest way to make DIY canna butter. It just involves some cannabis, butter, heat, and wherever it is you combine all those things in the place you live. We assume it’s the kitchen.

And it couldn’t be more simple, as you’ll find if you head over to Canna Provisions YouTube page, featuring our ongoing DIY: Dose It Yourself! series.

In the latest installment, we have Canna Provisions CEO Meg Sanders. Watch the master at work:

dose it yourself diy canna butter ceo meg sanders canna provisions
Meg Sanders. Cannabis. Butter.


Like all masters making marijuana infused butter, she says start with a stick of butter.

Now, you can go about the cannabis infusion how you like, but for this method Meg says have a one-gram syringe of THC distillate on hand. A one gram syringe of THC distillate, in this case from Alternative Compassion Services (ACS), contains roughly about 90mgs of TAC (total active cannabinoids). And all 90mgs are in the form of a dense, gooey, thick golden distillate.

diy dose it yourself canna butter canna provisions meg sanders ceo
Alternative Compassion Services (ACS) distillate for your butter infusions all day.


Then, just add your distillate. It’s very solid in there and Meg says the best way to loosen it up is heat it a bit in hot water right in the syringe, which makes the THC distillate come out of the container easier. It still requires a little pushing.

diy dose it yourself canna butter ceo meg sanders canna provisions
Remember to take the top off of your THC distillate or your THC distillate won’t go in your butter.


Have the butter warmed, but not too hot. Keep it under 200 degrees to avoid burning, but also to avoid degrading the THC too much. When heated to the point of degradation THC turns into another fantastic cannabinoid, CBN, which is fantastic for sedation and sleep. (We even carry wonderful THC:CBN tinctures for sleep you should try out right now).

Squeeze it out right into your melted butter.

diy dose it yourself canna butter meg sanders canna provisions ceo
Squeeze the THC distillate from Canna Provisions into your butter because that’s the way to happy butter.


Squeezing is fun. So is blending. And be sure to blend it well.  When done, every tablespoon of butter will have approximately 10mgs of THC for proper dosing when cooking or finishing with your newfound canna butter.

diy dose it yourself canna provisions canna butter meg ceo
Whisk your DIY canna butter with ACS THC distillate from Canna Provisions Lee and Holyoke.


Stir the THC distillate into your melted butter.

diy dose it yourself canna butter meg sanders ceo cannaprovisions
This is Meg’s “hey check out this delicious THC distillate from Canna Provisions canna butter you can now slather on things that are good with butter which is everything” face.


Then, you’re done! But one last step….

Packaging is everything, as is labeling. Helps to avoid accidents with hands being in your refrigerator.

DIY dose it yourself ceo meg sanders canna provisions canna butter
Be sure to clearly label your lovely DIY canna butter with THC distillate from Canna Provisions.

Ready to shop and make your own DIY canna butter like Canna Provisions CEO Meg Sanders?

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