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Posted on December 24th, 2020 by Canna Provisions


“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

So said Peanuts comics creator and legend of feel-good holiday animation, Charles M. Schulz.

And yet had he gotten a chance to live to a time where recreational cannabis was around and the kinds of THC dosed chocolate and marijuana tinctures and other goodies could be found at one’s local shop – like say, Canna Provisions Lee, Canna Provisions Holyoke, or our store in Easthampton, MA – he’d probably have amended his famous quote to mention it.

Then again, he wouldn’t have to. Because this video exists. In it, our Dose It Yourself series of YouTube tutorials allows you to roll on in to our channel (requires sign-in because cannabis is 21+ kids) and learn from the industry itself.

But learn what? In this case, the kind of campfire cannabis dosed chocolate s’mores that just require safe, legal cannabis chocolate from a choice manufacturer (ie: Coast Cannabis Almond and Coconut Milk Chocolate bar), an oven, and the ability to smoosh stuff together for fun.


Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 4.07.04 PM
Lay your eyes on the beauty of this Coast Cannabis bar.


To begin with, you’ll need the standard accoutrement of s’mores. Chocolate (should you need the dosed stuff, click here), graham crackers, and marshmallows.


Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 4.08.19 PM
This isn’t a very good shot you should probably head to YouTube to see the video. #betteryourjourney


Got them? Good.

Now use your oven to warm the marshmallow. Place properly once warm. Do something with some crushed graham crackers. And then do something else. Was it eat them? Yeah. Eat them.

This isn’t that helpful is it? Guess there’s only one thing left to do if you want to see this in action…

CHECK THE FULL VIDEO! The full breakdown and tutorial is available on YouTube right here

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