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Posted on January 3rd, 2021 by Canna Provisions


Chronogram Magazine, one of our favorite arts, culture, and lifestyle magazines covering the Hudson Valley, Capital Region, and the Berkshires, has bestowed some love upon your friends at Canna Provisions. You should get the print copy because print is wonderful.

And in the January issue of Chronogram Magazine, they have a solid read on the ongoing rise of legal cannabis. Primarily focusing on Western Massachusetts and the Berkshires, as well as the blossoming landscape and possibilities of New York State. And now that New Jersey has legalized, it makes sense the Empire State based print and online magazine is putting legal marijuana under the lens. It’s also a lot more informative than just searching “dispensary near me in Albany” or “legal marijuana dispensary New York”, or even just “Canna Provisions Lee”, where our shop is located 300 yards off I-90 at Exit 10 (formerly known as Exit 2).

From Chronogram:

Colorado native and industry legend Meg Sanders…has been in the cannabis space since 2009, and her latest venture, Canna Provisions, has seen the former CEO of multimillion dollar grow and dispensary firm MiNDFUL, also make her way to the Bay State.

Recreational marijuana dispensary Canna Provisions in Lee, Massachusetts. - PHOTO BY MELISSA OSTROW
Canna Provisions Lee retail store near New York state and less than an hour from Albany, NY.

With three locations—Lee, Holyoke, and Easthampton—Canna Provisions is a group of cannabis professionals that source, evaluate, and distribute commercial grade cannabis products from a network of approved vendors. Focusing their attentions on craft cultivators and manufacturers, Canna Provisions is another example of a local enterprise with its heart on its sleeve. “I am a big fan of small and profitable,” explains Sanders. “I believe in sharing the wealth, ensuring employees are paid well. And we have a commitment to working with anyone, so long as their ethos and culture fits with ours.”

Sanders’s mission is evident throughout the Canna Provisions enterprise. The firm’s head of cultivation, Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski, is a former cannabis felon, but what matters is Krzanowski’s knowledge of the plant, not his criminal record. “Doing the right thing is rarely a negative,” continues Sanders, “There’s a lot of magic you don’t see on a spreadsheet. We want to ensure that the vision and the heart and soul supports that, and people buy because of what you’re doing. You better have an authentic story, and you better live it and breathe it every damn day.”

Meg Sanders Holyoke Opening
Canna Provisions CEO Meg Sanders, smiling at the opening of the Canna Provisions Holyoke opening July 2020.

It’s a great piece and serves as a mere snapshot of all that’s happening at Canna Provisions.

Between our Quick Hits interview series speaking with Canna Provisions employees on what it’s like to work in the legal cannabis industry in Massachusetts, our launch of Chemdog products to come in his first ever legal grow, as well as our Dose It Yourself series, there’s a lot going on.

But at the end of the day, we have the best selection of craft cannabis products in Western Massachusetts, so you know what to do…

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