History St. Patrick's Day parade Holyoke Massachusetts

Posted on January 23rd, 2023 by Dan McCarthy

History Of St. Patrick’s Day In Holyoke Massachusetts

St. Patrick’s Day is a beloved holiday celebrated all over the world, but did you know that the city of Holyoke, Massachusetts has a rich history when it comes to this special day, and one of the most popular St. Patrick’s Day road race in New England? In this post, we’ll delve into the history of St. Patrick’s Day in Holyoke and explore how this city has celebrated the holiday over the years.

Sen. John F. Kennedy at the 1958 Holyoke St. Patrick’s Day Parade in front of Holyoke City Hall.

The first St. Patrick’s Day parade in Holyoke was held in 1852, making it one of the oldest parades in the United States. The parade was started by Irish immigrants who had settled in the city and wanted to honor their heritage and culture. The parade was a huge success and quickly became an annual tradition in Holyoke.

Over the years, the parade has grown in size and popularity. Today, it is one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day parades in the country and attracts thousands of people from all over the region. The parade features a wide variety of participants, including local Irish dance groups, marching bands, and community organizations.

In addition to the parade, Holyoke also celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with a number of other events and activities. These include a traditional Irish breakfast, a shamrock 5k road race, and a variety of live music and entertainment.

One of the most unique and interesting aspects of Holyoke’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration is the “Greening of the Canals.” This event, which takes place the week before St. Patrick’s Day, sees the city’s canals dyed green to honor the holiday. This tradition began in the 1960s and has become a beloved part of Holyoke’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Holyoke St. Patrick’s Day parade montage from 1973. Image: Wikipedia

As a city with a strong Irish heritage, Holyoke has a special connection to St. Patrick’s Day. The annual parade and other events are a way for residents and visitors alike to honor and celebrate this rich cultural heritage. If you’re in the area on St. Patrick’s Day, be sure to check out the parade and other events in Holyoke – you won’t be disappointed.

St. Patrick’s Day is a beloved holiday in Holyoke, Massachusetts. With its rich history, the city’s annual parade is one of the oldest and largest in the country. Along with the parade, the city also celebrates with a variety of other events, including a shamrock 5k race, traditional Irish breakfast and live music. The “Greening of the Canals” is also a must see event which is held the week before St. Patrick’s Day. Holyoke’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration is a great way to honor and celebrate the city’s Irish heritage.

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