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How Long is Weed Good For?


Weed is not a food product, so it may not spoil the way something like a jar of applesauce in the fridge would after a few weeks. Nevertheless, weed can and will go bad. If you leave your fresh-bought bud idle for too long, you’ll definitely recognize a difference in how it tastes, how it smells, and even how potent it is. So, how long can weed last and how do you even know if it’s too old? Let’s get you the details.

How long does weed stay fresh?

If you store your cannabis in the proper way, well-cured cannabis can actually keep for as long as six months or even a year. Beyond that point, the dried cannabis will start to degrade and lose its cannabinoid potency.

Some research claims that after a year, the THC content drops by about 16 percent and continues to reduce thereafter. So you may lose:

  • 26% after 2 years
  • 34% after 3 years
  • 41% after 4 years

Eventually, the THC content would be practically non-existent. However, THC loss may not be the only concern with outdated buds.

Can old weed make you sick?

Rarely, but possible. Cannabis can actually get moldy under the wrong storage conditions, especially if it has been left to sit in humid conditions for a while. Mold can be almost impossible to spot on a cannabis bud unless you are really trying to see it because it can blend in with the plant material. You may notice small patches of what looks like powder or fuzz.

For the most part, smoking a tiny bit of moldy weed may be no big deal, but this can lead to nausea and even coughing for some people. Anyone who has a compromised immune system could face even bigger health concerns.

How do you know if your weed is old or moldy?

Remember S.A.T—Smell, Appearance, Taste. The aromatics being off are one of the easiest ways to spot old weed. It may smell weaker if it’s simply old, or, it may smell musty kind of like old hay if it contains mold. Old weed also starts to lose its vibrancy, so a good visual assessment is good. If your weed smells fine, looks good, but tastes bad, this can also be a sign that something is off—it is either old or may contain mold.

Storing Weed 101

Four things can be your fresh stash’s worst enemy: humidity, oxygen, light, and temperature. You need the right environment, the right container, and the right placement to combat these threats.

How long does weed last in containers? Depends. Plastic containers can mess with potency, tins can let in too much oxygen, and plastic baggies are a huge no-go. Instead, opt for a glass jar with an airtight seal for long-term storage. Place the jar in a cool part of the house in the dark.

A few other tips:

  • Best temp for weed storage: 77°F (25°C)
  • Best humidity levels for weed storage: 59 to 63%
  • Don’t store weed in the freezer

How long does weed last in a jar? You could probably get at least six months of good results and likely more. By contrast, how long is weed good for in a plastic bag? You may get two or three months max, and that’s if all other aspects of storage are controlled, such as keeping the bag away from light and variant temperatures.

Trust a Good Dispensary for Fresh Cannabis

Believe it or not, several samples collected from dispensaries and growers in California during a 2016 study were shown to have mold or some unwanted bacteria. Therefore, always make sure you are buying from a good dispensary that keeps its stock well-rotated, properly tested, and well-stored. By the way, our menu is refreshed constantly with fresh cannabis, we work hard to store every product in a protected way, and you won’t get geriatric weed from us. For more on cannabis, be sure to check out our blog at Canna Provisions.





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