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“Are there any delicious chews using organic infused coconut oil and organic fruit and vegetable pieces for texture?” you may have searched once or twice. “If the Greek god of sleep, Hypnos, made a cannabis fruit chew, what would it taste like?” you just wondered and we know we’re in your head. “Where can I find Betty’s Eddies chews in Western Massachusetts,” your endocannabinoid and endo-I love delicious edibles-self just wondered in the sunny attic of your mind.

We’re here to answer all of that for you in one Partner Spotlight swoop: Meet Betty’s Eddies cannabis chews.

Organic infused coconut oil – check. Natural lemon oil – check. Cane sugar 0- check. Blast of immunity-improving Elderberry or Vitamin C – check. Dried organic corn, blueberry, and other fruit and vegetable pieces for texture – check.

betty's eddies chews canna provisions
A little bundle love for Canna Provisions customers looking to get a lot of Betty’s Eddies and get value. O’ My Grapeness, Orange You Beautiful, Little Lemon Heaven, Lime a Good Person all ready for you at

And even some with a small kick of melatonin in them to help you get a relaxing night of sleep, tout de suite? You bet, especially the Bedtime Betty’s.

bedtime betty’s
Get ready for your new favorite pre-bedtime sweet treat: Bedtime Betty’s, with organic infused coconut oil, cane sugar, organic lemon juice, THC, and melatonin for a good night’s sleep. More at

From the good people at Betty’s Eddies themselves:

At Betty’s Eddies, we’re all about good, clean, fun.

Our mission is simple – do good for the community, cook with only clean ingredients and spread fun & positivity while we do it.

We’re extra “chewsy” about our ingredients which means all Betty’s Eddies are vegan, gluten-free, made with real fruits & veggies, and infused with naturally extracted THC.

Pure goodness, just the way Mother Nature (and Betty) intended.

Betty's Eddies chews Canna Provisions
Workers at the magical Betty’s Eddies factory on planet delicious apparently. More wonderful cannabis chews and craft cannabis products at

If you haven’t tried them yet, do this:

Come to Canna Provisions Lee, Canna Provisions Holyoke, or our store in Easthampton, MA.

Meet one of our guides safely in your car or in COVID-safe conditions in-store. Talk to one of our guides, who tend to be the most knowledgeable in Western Massachusetts due to the amazing training and education they receive.

Say: “Hi. I’d like to know about Betty’s Eddies please, and yes I am looking great today, thank you.”

Purchase. Consume responsibly. Feel the good.

Betty's Eddies chews canna provisions cannabis marijuana edibles
Just look at that texture. You want it. You crave it. You can have it. More at

NOTE: All of this works just as well by using our super easy pre-order and curbside pickup options in the Berkshires and Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts.

Betty’s Eddies. Get some.

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