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“How do I get a job in cannabis?” Canna Provisions employees with jobs in the Pioneer Valley and Berkshires locations asked at one point or another.

“How to write a cannabis resume,” others have searched for on Google in the past. Some have even just simply tilted their heads skyward, closed their eyes, and yelled “who has the best selection of craft cannabis in Massachusetts” which isn’t really true but if someone did the answer would be Canna Provisions.

Anyway, besides all the marijuana tinctures, cannabis flower, edibles, cannabis topicals, marijuana gummies, and other legal cannabis products at Canna Provisions, we have a major offering that’s never for sale but always around to help….our staff!

Meet Marisabel, one of our supervisors and running champ of positive energy at our Holyoke location at 380 Dwight Street downtown, along the Holyoke canals and off I-91 in Massachusetts. Marisabel is a Holyoke native, and when she saw a news report with Canna Provisions COO Erik Williams, who described the retail cannabis store in Holyoke Canna Provisions was on its way, she knew opportunity was knocking.

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Marisabel, Canna Provisions Holyoke supervisor and radiant beam of positive energy

She says getting a job in cannabis in Massachusetts for her was a matter of being in the right place and right time:

“I knew [cannabis] was coming to Holyoke and my family is in Holyoke, so I look at local news and businesses opening, I saw Erik’s interview giving the tour around the [Holyoke Canna Provisions] building and thought ‘This is awesome!’ Holyoke has so much potential, [I thought] I’d love to shop there one day. One year later, I see they were hiring. Perfect. I dropped everything and hopped on the bus!”

On a Canna Provisions supervisor’s typical day working in legal cannabis in Massachusetts:

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Audrey and Marisabel discussing what it’s like to work in legal cannabis in Massachusetts at Canna Provisions

“Every day is different! But I’m always expecting being upbeat, with a lot of moving pieces. I go in with an open mind, and ready for the day. I try to communicate with inventory as much as I can, but with products coming in constantly, inventory communication and talking to the staff making sure they are familiar, or make me familiar with tips about products we have, or specials we are running, so when customer comes in they can keep them informed as well.”

On the training process and why it’s important, Marisabel says with so many new strains and products and bundled kits happening her team stays on top of it by working together over online chat tool Sling, talking together, giving feedback on products, feeding off each other. “Everyone teaches each other, so it’s pretty much a learning experience, especially with trying the products themselves,” says Marisabel.

But she says the best thing is the constant learning about cannabis products and marijuana information:

“I came in thinking I knew everything I needed to know about weed,” she says with a laugh. “I realized my first day I barely knew anything. It was intimidating, but once you get that foot in the door and get the ball rolling, it’s a piece of cake.”

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Marisabel from Canna Provisions Holyoke making the face someone makes when discussing how to get a job in legal weed.

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