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Pride Flower Box

Happy Pride Month This box contains:

--Rainbow Belts 3.0 | Four20

Candy lovers and sweet teeth unite An indica-dominant hybrid that pairs the Rainbow Belts with Moonbow the zesty bright skittles flavor mixes perfectly with the push pop sherbet flavor on the palletyou will not want to put this one down. A flavor profile you know and love is paired with a great high described as sedative calming and relaxing. . Lineage: Rainbow Belts 20 x Moonbow 112 . Strain Type: Indica-Dominant Hybrid . Smell/Taste: gobstopper blue sour patch tropical zkittles overtones

-- Lemon OG Haze | 1g | Pride Jays

PRIDEJAYS are an ultra-thin rainbow cone filled with the finest NEA flower for an easy flavorful toke that will have you puffing proudly. Available as a one gram prerolled joint.

Lemon OG Haze is a sativa leaning hybrid cross of Lemon OG and Haze. This strain tastes and smells of lemons with a spicy note imparted by Lemon

-- Chemdog 4 | Chillum | .3g | Smash Hits


The 4th of original Chemdog strains (Indica-leaning hybrid)

Somewhere around 2004 Chemdog was on the internet growers forums. At this point he had lost touch with legendary cultivator PBud (who famously supplied Chemdog with his first batch of incredible weed) but on the forums they reconnected. Around 2006 Chemdog sent the last four seeds of the original that launched Chemdog in 1991 to PBud and Joe B out on the West Coast and out of those the Chem 4 was born.

A chipper and fast acting high expect diesel roasted herbs and concentrated lemon cleaner with hazy petrol and fresh ground pepper.

FAMILY HISTORY: The original 13 seeds that launched Chemdog in the 1990s.

PALATE: Hazy petrol and gas fresh ground pepper gassy lemon cleaner and earth.

EFFECT: A hybrid of mind-body in-your-bones deep high that finishes long and relaxed.

-- California Raisins | 2.5g | 5pk | Smash Hits

Whatever images the name may conjure in your head theres only one thing you need to picture with this strain: FLAVOR. The terpene explosion of California Raisins comes courtesy of the lineage of Biscotti and Grape Gasoline two fan-favorite indica dominant hybrids but its the combination of the cookie batter petrol and deep grape flavors and the fantastic cerebral uplift and body calming effects that makes this one a surefire win for anyone looking for their next favorite strain from Smash Hits. FAMILY HISTORY: Biscotti x Grape Gasoline PALATE: Sweet cookies and diesel fumes soaked in a barrel of grape jelly EFFECT: Cerebral yet relaxing full head-to-toe body buzz and relaxation with supreme good-feeling vibes.

--Canna Provisions Bic Lighter

BIC Classic Full-Size Pocket Lighters are made with pure isobutane fuel with up to 3000 lights per lighter. Each pocket lighter is child-resistant provides a steady flame and is safe even when used at a 45-degree angle.

-- Bowl/Pipe

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