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THCv stands for tetrahydrocannabivarin, and it’s another prominent component in cannabis, just like THC and CBD. However, THCv has some interesting side effects, for which it’s been dubbed “diet weed,” thanks to its ability to suppress one’s appetite.

THCv Products

What Are the Effects of THCv?

What’s unique about THCv is that while it can have a profound effect on the body, it doesn’t give users the distinctive “high” feeling of THC. In some cases, THCv may counteract the effects of standard THC, meaning it’s not conducive to smoking for recreational purposes.

THCv Reviews

It seems like every day there’s new information about cannabis, either in the form of new studies about its health benefits or new compounds and cannabinoids being discovered. THCv is the latest in a long line of recent additions to the regular cannabis lineup, and it’s already making waves within the industry.

Because THCv is not psychoactive, it’s mostly billed as a health supplement, notably to help users lose weight. While more research needs to be done to prove these effects definitively, it seems like THCv does work well as an appetite suppressant. Other benefits of this compound include:

  • Diabetes Mitigation
  • Reduced Anxiety Attacks (particularly from PTSD)
  • Bone Growth
  • Alzheimer’s Treatment

Overall, it’s hard to say how THCv affects the body because there’s no widespread and long-term adoption. However, as demand soars, more growers will get in on the action, so we’re eager to see how it all plays out.

Where to Find THCv Products in Massachusetts?

THCv is not regulated the same way as THC, so there are no federal laws banning its manufacture, sale, and distribution. However, it is hard to isolate from the cannabis plant, so many THCv tinctures and products contain at least some THC, meaning they’re harder to find.

Thankfully, Massachusetts THCv is relatively common, so you can find different products available at your local dispensary. Plus, since recreational marijuana is legal in the state, it’s easier for growers to concentrate these products since they don’t have to remove all traces of THC.

Buy THCv Products From Canna Provisions

Canna Provisions has always been at the forefront of cannabis culture in Massachusetts, and we’re excited to see how THCv takes hold within the community. Whether you’re just curious or looking to get some decent health benefits from these products, we’d love to see you in our store and show you what we have.




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