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Posted on July 31st, 2023 by Dan McCarthy

How to Use Cannabis for Pain Relief & Management

For far longer than medical cannabis has been legal in any state, people have turned to cannabis for pain relief. Now that state-by-state legalization is making cannabis less stigmatized and more accessible to people that need it, cannabis pain relief is kind of a big deal. The majority of states that have medical cannabis for specific conditions recognize chronic pain as a qualifying condition.

The question is how does weed pain relief work? Take a look at how to use cannabis to relieve pain and the best weed for pain relief below.

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How to Use Cannabis to Relieve Pain

When it comes to pain, there are two ways that people who are dealing with it will experience the discomfort: acutely or ongoing. Acute instances of pain will typically require a faster-acting method of consumption. By contrast, those looking for ongoing pain management to keep discomfort at bay most of the time may need a different option. Take a look at how to use cannabis for pain in both situations.

Acute Pain

Acute pain is more intense and usually requires some level of interventional cannabis that will deliver effects as quickly as possible. Therefore, the best cannabis pain relief for acute situations tends to be something that is high in THC and relaxing.

For example, a high-THC flower like Chemdog 91 with over 30% THC from the Smash Hits collection or potent cannabis concentrate could be most effective. These more potent products are often more sedating, but they can also be more physically relaxing, which is important during instances of severe pain.

Another option for acute pain is a cannabinoid-infused topical like THC Cooling Balm from Nordic Goddess that is applied directly to the area of discomfort. These can usually be used as needed without causing intoxication and can be highly effective.

Pain Management

Pain management can be tricky but possible with the right products. Most people will be looking for options that will provide ongoing support throughout the day that will still allow them to be alert and productive. Therefore, lower-THC products or strains are often the go-tos.

Another option is a balanced product with CBD (cannabidiol) and THC. CBD tends to counteract the intoxicating effects to some degree and offers support for inflammation and wakefulness. CBD gummies can be a good option here because they tend to help keep you moving and your body more relaxed without overwhelming intoxication.

What’s the Best Weed for Pain Relief?

Pain is a little ambiguous, and the best cannabis pain relief products and strains can be the same. In other words, just as people perceive pain in different ways, people also experience the effects of different types of cannabis in different ways. Therefore, what helps one person with pain may not always work for another. Nevertheless, there are a handful of cannabis strains and other products that are mentioned more than others when it comes to relief.’

Top Strains for Pain Relief

Indica, hybrid, and Sativa cannabis strains can all have their place in pain management. According to Medical News Today, Sativa-dominant strains are often preferred to improve mood or energy levels among pain patients. By contrast, Indica strains are often preferred to help with sleep or more acute levels of pain.

A few strains that have been reported to be good for pain include:

Top Edibles for Pain Relief

Some people prefer edibles for pain management because the effects are slow-acting and tend to be long-lasting. Further, you can use edibles for pain inconspicuously, whereas smoking flower is not always acceptable when you need relief in some situations. A few good edibles options include:

Get Guidance on Cannabis for Pain from Canna Provisions

At Canna Provisions, we work hard to empower people when it comes to cannabis. If you’re dealing with physical pain and need recommendations on the best strains and products, be sure to ask! Our budtenders work with customers and get their feedback every day about what works best for pain management. Looking for a certain strain or product? Take a look at our well-stocked menus in Holyoke and Lee online before you make the trip.

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