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The Best CBD Gummies in Massachusetts

The best THC edibles are where it’s at for a lot of people. However, sometimes you want to keep things low-key and have a more therapeutic experience—totally understandable. And, whether you’re looking for a good night of sleep, enhanced libido, or a gummy for pain, high-CBD edibles tend to be the go-to. Check out our picks for the best CBD gummies for different uses below.



Our Picks for the Best CBD Gummies in Massachusetts

1. Best CBD Gummies for Sleep

Winner: Wana Fast Asleep/Stay Asleep Dream Berry Gummies

When it comes to gummies formulated with a spectrum of minor/major cannabinoids, Wana always has something stellar to offer. And, if it’s sleep you’re after, Wana Dream berry gummies are just what you need. Wana has two formulas: Stay Asleep 1:4:1:1 with THC, CBD, CBN, and CBG, and Fast Asleep 1:5:1:1 with THC, CBD, CBN, and CBG. Both of these gummies are the best CBD gummies for sleep. One will help you fall asleep faster, while the other helps you remain locked down in peaceful slumber.

Other honorable mentions:

  • Betty’s Eddies Bedtime Raspberry Crème fruit chews with CBD, THC, and CBN
  • Coast Cannabis Co. Cranberry Pomegranate with THC, CBD, and CBN
  • Zzonked Sleepy Tutti Frutti with THC and CBD

2. Best CBD Gummies for Pain

Winner: Coast Cannabis Co. Boysenberry Gummies

If you’re dealing with physical pain, a good high-CBD, low-THC gummy may help you find relief. But, when you combine these two cannabinoids with Cannabichromene (CBC), you may find even more support for physical discomfort. Boysenberry 1:4:1 THC, CBD, and CBC gummies from Coast Cannabis Co. deliver just that. These gummies are specifically formulated for people looking to melt away aches and pains.

Other honorable mentions:

  • Betty’s Eddies Ache Away Cherry fruit chews with CBD, THC, and CBC
  • Mindy’s Edibles Honey Sweet Melon with THC and CBD

3. Best CBD Gummies for Anxiety and Stress

Winner: The Heirloom Collective Calm Cubes

When your day hands you a little more stress than you care to deal with, a good edible with a balance of CBD and THC is a good choice. Our pick for the best CBD gummies for anxiety and stress is a clear winner: calm Cubes from The Heirloom Collective. These gummies have a burst of lemon sweetness and are formulated with not just 1:1 THC and CBD, but also limonene and linalool, both of which are good for settling emotions.

Other honorable mentions:

  • The Heirloom Collective Calm Cubes CBD and THC
  • Wana Blood Orange gummies with CBD and THC

4. Best CBD Gummies for Weight Loss

Winner: Wana Blood Orange Gummies

Some people claim CBD has an appetite-curbing effect. While that’s not been proven per se, what we do know is CBD can sometimes counteract those intense THC munchies. And, THCV may enhance those appetite-curbing effects even further. Wana Raspberry Lime gummies contain a 1:1:1 ratio of CBD, THCV, and THC, which means you get just enough THC to settle your mind and leave you happy. But, you have an ample amount of CBD and THCV to potentially curb snack cravings.

Other honorable mentions:

  • Wana Pomegranate Blueberry Acai CBD and THC gummies
  • Incredibles Tangahhrine CBD and THC gummies

5. Best CBD Gummies for Sex

Winner: Incredibles Strahhhberry Gummies

A good choice of cannabinoids when it comes to sex is a nice balance of CBD and THC. With a one-to-one ratio of THC and CBD, Incredibles Strahhhberry gummies are an excellent pick when you’re looking to get in the mood. The balanced dose of the two major cannabinoids leaves you feeling relaxed, clear-headed, and happy, which is a good starting point for a satisfying sexual encounter for sure.

Other honorable mentions:

  • Mindy’s Edibles Lush Black Cherry THC/CBD gummies
  • Coast Cannabis Co. Tangerine THC, CBD, and CBG gummies

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