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When do new products get added to the menu?

New products are added weekly, sometimes daily! Be sure to check out our menu for the most up to date inventory, and if you haven’t already, sign up to join the Canna Fam on our website so you never miss an email or text update!

Why does my product label show a different THC% than what I saw online when I placed my order?

The volume of product we go through on a daily basis can make things like this tricky to stay on top of; the timing between when/what causes a THC% to be updated online vs. when the product is physically removed from our inventory to fill an order can sometimes make for a perfect storm.


Will I get a text or email confirmation after I place a pre-order?

You should receive a text confirmation that your order was placed and is being prepared, and then another text once your order has been filled and is ready for your selected pick up time. However, not all phone providers cooperate nicely with our third party menu site, so rest assured – if you see a confirmation on screen after you click submit that says your order has been placed that’s really all you need. Just head to the store at your selected pick up time!

Can I place an order on Monday for pick up on Friday?

Unfortunately we are not able to process orders for days ahead due to our inventory processes. You are able to go on our website after we close to place an order for pick up the next day!

I forgot that I wanted to try those Heirloom Cubes! Can you add that to my order?

Yes! Just let a guide know when you get to the store that you’d like to add something to your order (or change your order)!

Something came up and I won’t be able to make it to pick up my order, will I be charged?

No! Any order that doesn’t get picked up returns to our inventory. Feel free to send us an email to let us know you won’t be able to make it at [email protected].

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept payment by cash or debit card. (Debit cards come with a $3.50 transaction fee from the merchant and must be rounded up to the nearest 5th dollar. Any change is returned to you.)

How do I place a phone order?

To place a phone order, you can call the store at (413) 394-5055 and talk with whoever picks up the phone and we will get you taken care of. The only caveat is that you’d need to do that on the same day you intend to pick up, as we can’t take phone orders for next day pickup…

How do I make a preorder for pickup in Lee?

Pre Orders placed for next-day pickup become available after we close the night before, but you can also give us a call here at the store the day you intend to visit and we can place an order for you over the phone. (If you are sent to voicemail, keep trying!) Our number in Lee is 413-394-5055 and anyone who picks up the phone can help you.

I’m planning to come visit Canna Provisions with my sister. Can we each purchase up to the MA limit and be in the same car?

Yes. Everyone with a valid 21+ state issued ID is able to purchase up to their MA state limit.

Are you closed on holidays?

We are only closed on Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day. We are open with regular hours unless otherwise noted! Any changes or updates to our hours will be posted on social and sent out via email/mobile!

Return Policy for NOT defective products

Our return policy pertains to refunding customers for defective products within 2 weeks of purchase. State regulations prohibit us from taking marijuana products (defective or otherwise!) back into our physical inventory once it’s left our link of the chain of custody and has been sold to a customer.

Keep in mind that in Massachusetts it is perfectly legal to give cannabis to someone as a gift; maybe there’s someone you know with a birthday coming up!

Can I shop inside the store in Lee?

Of course! It’s the best part of visiting at Canna Provisions store!

If it’s your first time purchasing cannabis in a legal store, you are brand new to cannabis, or are a seasoned consumer looking for the best we have to offer, stopping by to have a personal shopping guide lead you through your purchase and answer all of your questions without worrying about holding up a line or being judged, Canna Provisions is the best of the best and regularly voted #1 for adult-use retailers in Massachusetts for this reason.


Specials and Gift Packs

Do you have any deals?

Yes, you can only find out about these by asking in store or signing up for our email/mobile to get notified!

How can I find out about available bundles?

Make sure you’re signed up to receive Canna Provisions emails! Get news of new product drops, store updates, bundles and more! Click this link to sign up!


What kind of valid i.d.s are accepted at Canna Provisions?

All we need is a valid form of I.D. (from any state in the land) confirming you’re over the age of 21 to purchase from us. Valid forms of ID include a U.S. I.D. card, state-issued driver’s license, or passport, U.S. Armed Forces and Merchant Marine I.D. cards, MA liquor cards, and ID card issued from any Canadian province.

IDs presented must be intact & without significant cracks or wear that would make it difficult to read or scan. If the ID is too worn to be legible by humans or a device, we reserve the right to reject that ID.

Travel from outside of MA during pandemic

We’re currently open for business to anyone with a valid driver’s license confirming they’re over the age of 21 and there are no requirements or directives (currently) from the state that call for refusing business from individuals displaying a driver’s license from a state considered high-risk.

What’s the daily purchase limit in Massachusetts?

The daily purchase limit in Massachusetts is 28g of flower or 5g of concentrates or 500mg of edibles or 5,000mg of tincture. There’s math the system does when you buy something from each category where 1g of concentrate equals 5.6g of flower.




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