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Better your journey by starting with the right provisions. We at Canna Provisions pride ourselves on offering the highest quality of cannabis products available. Our long experience in this industry has endowed us with the ability to source and cultivate the finest cannabis products in the market. Our successful partnerships with experienced growers, extractors, and production store managers ensure we’ll always have a wide selection of the best cannabis products in Lee, & Holyoke Massachusetts.


Determining how a new strain of cannabis may affect you can be challenging. Traditionally, cannabis has been grouped into Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains, but there is little scientific evidence to support these distinctions. At Canna Provisions, we prefer to talk about how individual plants will most likely impact you.

We have many years of experience in strain selection and cultivation of cannabis flower. Our wide and diverse network allows us to hand-pick the best and most experienced growers in the industry, and we only accept superior quality. Our boutique approach to the cannabis industry ensures that our customers are getting the freshest and the best cannabis in Western Massachusetts. Our guides are waiting to help you find the perfect strain for your journey.

Stop by Canna Provisions Group today to shop our Cannabis Products and discover exactly what it is that sets us apart. Located in Lee & Holyoke, MA.

We offer a wide variety of Cannabis Products and other provisions for whatever type of journey you desire:

Cannabis or Marijuana Flower – Raw cannabis bud that can be ground for smoking as well as making edibles. Its the most basic part of the plant which generally contains THC.

Pre-Rolls or Joints – Cannabis that is pre shredded and rolled into a paper cone for smoking without having to prep yourself. These regularly have filters at the end so no spent, ground up flower is inhaled.

Vape Cartridges and PAX Vape Pods – All vape cartridges we sell are the 510 universal threaded type which will fit most standard batteries. Well also sell PAX vape pods of many different generations and types including the PAX Era vape and PAX Era Pro vape.

Concentrates – Generally used for “dabbing” this category includes a few forms of the product: shatter, budder, live rosin, wax, crumble, distillate, and more. These extracted and concentrated forms of THC are much more potent than cannabis flower, often achieving THC percentages above 80%, whereas flower usually is below 30%. You will need a special vaporizer or a dab rig in order to use these products.

Edibles – An excellent alternative for those who don’t smoke! We offer one of the largest variety of marijuana infused edibles in the state of Massachusetts. We don’t limit you to simply gummy cubes (even though we sell delicious gummy cubes from The Heirloom Collective). Oh no. From Betty’s Eddies all natural vegan fruit chews to gourmet chocolate in our bars from Coast Cannabis Co. and even tablets from 1906 designed to spice up your love life, we have something for everyone.

Tinctures – Ideal for starters! A tincture is typically a THC infused oil which is administered by a measured dropper under the tongue. The THC is absorbed through the lining of the mouth so no smoking required! Check out Howl’s Tinctures which are made using a whole plant infusion. This solvent-less process preserves all of the parts of the plant, making an all natural high quality tincture.

Topicals – Balms, cremes, and more all infused with THC. Did you know that THC topicals cannot get you high when their instructions are followed correctly? Typically these topicals help relieve skin pain, promote scar tissue healing, moisturize dry hands, and there are even reports of relief from eczema and other skin conditions. Perfect for unwinding after a day on the slopes or at the beach!

Accessories – At Canna Provisions, you’ll find all the accessories you need. We have your basics covered: rolling papers and cones, lighters, glass mouthpieces, hemp wicks, and more! Unlike many dispensaries in Massachusetts, we also sell glassware including chillums, bongs, dab rigs, quartz and glass buckets, dab tools, and screens. Notably, our Director of Cultivation, Chem Dog, also blows his own glass pieces for us which are available for purchase in store.

Merch – We will have merch available soon! Check out THIS page for more details.


Our store has a diverse selection to suit everyone’s needs from first-time cannabis consumers to experienced veterans who want something new. Our guide will take the time to understand where you’re headed and get you fully equipped for the journey.

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