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Canna Provisions, with dispensaries in Holyoke and Lee, offers customers a unique experience and a broad variety of high-quality cannabis brands in Massachusetts. Its featured brands represent the best cannabis products in Massachusetts.

Here are some of the Massachusetts weed brands you will find at Canna Provisions.

253 Farmacy

253 Farmacy, named for its street address (253) and mission to serve customers as both farmer and pharmacy (Farmacy), is a locally owned and operated company that produces cannabis flower, vapes, edibles and concentrates. Its edibles include chocolates, gummies, baked goods, chews, hard candy, lozenges, drinks and tablets. It also offers a variety of concentrates, including wax, bubble hash, shatter, dry sift kief, sauce, batter, crumble and rosin.

Betty’s Eddies

Betty’s Eddies, considered the manufacturer of the cannabis industry’s first full-spectrum and all-natural fruit chew, specializes in high quality cannabis edibles. Betty’s Eddies focuses on offering satisfying experiences for cannabis users with great taste and consistent potency in its fruit gummies, made to relieve a variety of conditions like sleep, pain, energy and stress. The company also offers a cannabis ice cream in flavors like brownie vanilla, dark chocolate and black raspberry.

Cannatini Gummies

Cannatini Gummies specializes in the manufacturing of a wide variety of chews in adult flavors. Its gummy chews are infused with highly potent and full-spectrum RSO (Rick Simpson Oil). The Cannatini edibles are flavored with organic fruit extracts and known for their unique, delicious flavors inspired by popular adult beverages.


Cresco produces a wide variety of cannabis strains in various forms, relying on locally grown and carefully cultivated cannabis flower. Its products rely on the highest quality genetic stock to ensure consistent, robust plants. Cresco’s cultivation process standardizes individual cultivars to make sure that every plant receives the specialized care required. Cresco’s products include flower, liquid Live Resin, concentrates like live budder, live sugar and live sauce.


Dogwalkers specializes in pre-roll products that are ready to smoke. Dogwalkers earned its name from its goal to make pre-rolls that recreate that moment of unconditional peace and joy that is experienced during leisurely walks with a dog around the neighborhood. Dogwalkers’ pre-rolls come in Indica-dominant strains, Sativa-dominant strains and hybrid strains.

Rythm Cannabis

Rythm promotes wellness and healthier living through products that include flower, full-spectrum vapes and live concentrates made to produce four states of being – Energize, Balance, Relax, and Heal. Rythm uses strain specific terpenes for its aromas, flavors and potential effects. Rythm preserves the full essence of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from the original plant, designed to provide a harmonious true-to-plant experience known as the entourage effect.

The Botanist

The Botanist prioritizes wellness derived from the therapeutic advantages of the cannabis plant. The company, which specializes in cannabis flower, vapes and edibles, relies on a broad range of cannabis genetics from plants that are meticulously cultivated in-house, carefully hand trimmed or processed using a dry trim machine to protect the precious trichomes and the quality of the cannabis product.




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