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Rythm Cannabis

Rythm is a premium cannabis brand that is owned by a large, publicly-traded company based in Canada. Rythm promotes wellness and healthier living through its products. Rythm’s premium cannabis products include a selection of flower, full-spectrum vape and live concentrates. The company features products available in four categories – Energize, Balance, Relax, and Heal, with all strains that include dominant Indica, Hybrid and dominant Sativa.

Rythm Cannabis:

Product Line

The Rythm Cannabis product line includes:

  • Rythm LIVE: Live resin vape, extracted from fresh frozen flower, 1 g
  • Rythm Flower: Premium flower, with expertly cultivated and cured strains, 3.5 g
  • Rythm Vapes: Premium vape pens, cartridges and POX pods with full spectrum CO2 oil and 100% strain specific terpenes, .5 g and 1 g
  • Rythm Concentrates: Highly concentrated and terpene-rich concentrates across a range of live and cured products, including Live Resin and Terp Sap.

Rythm Cannabis FAQs

Who makes Rhythm Cannabis products?

The Rythm premium cannabis brand is part of the publicly-held Green Thumb Industries, which is a private company that was created in 2014 before going public in 2018 as a Canadian-based enterprise that focuses on cannabis manufacturing.

What is different about Rythm Cannabis products?

Rythm Cannabis focuses on a unique cultivation process that is designed to honor the plant. The cannabis company starts with its expertly raised flower, providing individualized care for every plant. This process ensures optimal potency and purity across each grow cycle in order to produce high-quality cannabis. Rythm Cannabis uses extraction methods that deliver full spectrum cannabinoids, a process that preserves the original plant’s full potential benefits.

Rythm always uses strain specific terpenes for its aromas, flavors and potential effects. Because Rythm preserves the full essence of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from the original plant, customers can enjoy a harmonious true to plant experience that is known as the entourage effect.

I like ‘em. love their Tahitian punch. like many others have said they’re very consistent. lately i’ve been really liking their Headcracker

lackingserotoninbruv Review Via Reddit

Their Sour D is excellent as well as Brownie Scout.

whatsthematterbeavis Review Via Reddit

I really like them, especially when compared to the in-house brands. Brownie Scout and Banana Cream are my favs from them. That sounds like a great deal.

akaCampus Review Via Facebook




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