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9 of the Best Edibles in Massachusetts

It’s an exciting time to be a cannabis aficionado. The adult-use laws in Massachusetts mean that there are more edible options than ever before. Adults over the age of 21 are permitted to buy cannabis products for personal, recreational use from licensed dispensaries. Canna Provisions is dedicated to making buying edibles in Massachusetts an exciting yet safe endeavor.

Buying Edibles in MA? Shop The Best Edibles Brands in MA

Whether you’re looking for Betty’s Eddies, 1906 love chocolates, the best indica edibles available, or some super tasty THC gummies in MA – we’ve got you covered. Our dispensary in Lee won Best Edibles In The Berkshires by The Berkshire Eagle for their Best of the Berkshires 2021 annual awards! We also have an amazing dispensary in Holyoke.

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Quick Reminder: Be sure to bring your ID and visit any of our Massachusetts dispensary locations. Be sure to plan for a stop to see us your route to Boston. Whether you are new to edibles or just looking for something new to you, visit us to check out these awesome options:

Here 9 of The Best Edibles in Massachusetts [2022]

Featured Brands:

  • Wana
  • 1906
  • Heirloom Cubes
  • Coast Cannabis
  • Betty’s Eddies
  • Freshly Baked
  • Levia Seltzer
  • Cann Social Tonics
  • Incredibles

Wana Gummies

Wana Edibles Wana Sour Gummies: Assorted Flavors Indica Reviews | Weedmaps

Wanna gummies are available in a range of natural flavors with no high fructose corn syrup. Choose indica, sativa, or hybrid for the sensation you want. Enjoy either cocktail-inspired flavors like pina colada, peach bellini, and limoncello, or sour fruits.

Shop Wana in Lee, MA Shop Wana in Holyoke, MA

1906 Drops

1906 New Highs

1906 uses a patented technology that lends their drops a 20-minute onset or less. These functional edibles combine low doses of THC and CBD with specially selected botanicals for just the effect you want. Pop a Chill for relaxation or Go to up your energy. 1906’s targeted effects bring you precision highs that make you feel just the way you want to feel.

Shop 1906 in Lee, MA Shop 1906 in Holyoke, MA

Heirloom Cubes

Heirloom Sleep Cubes | 5mg | 20ct | The Heirloom Collective | Seed

Heirloom Cube are all-natural, non-GMO, and free from both artificial colors and flavors. A painstaking process offers a superior product and consistent dosing, so you always know what to expect. Enjoy Classics like their original or Sour Cubes. Or, experiment with special blends for energy, sleep, or microdosing.

Shop Heirloom Cubes in Lee, MA Shop Heirloom Cubes in Holyoke, MA

253 Chocolate

253 Farmacy Menu | LeaflyAt 253, they start with Callebaut fine dark and milk Belgian chocolates, then combine them with 100% Kosher Dairy and a high-quality distillate oil. By choosing the best ingredients, 253 ensures that the taste and texture of their edibles are as enticing as the effects they bring.

Shop Chocolate in Lee, MA Shop Chocolate in Holyoke, MA

Betty’s Eddies

Betty's Eddies

The pleasure of Betty’s Eddies starts with their bright and inviting old fashion candy packaging. Inside, you’ll find a treat made with full-spectrum cannabis oil and organic fruits and vegetables. This brand is incredibly popular in Massachusetts.

Shop Betty’s Eddies in Lee, MA Shop Betty’s Eddies in Holyoke, MA

Cheeba Chews

Cheeba Chews Hybrid Caramel Chews | 100mg | Weedmaps

Cheeba Chews were one of the first precision edible creators, and they remain among the best. Every batch of oil is lab-tested to ensure that you are always getting exactly the dose that you want. The chews themselves are available in a dizzying array of flavors. Stop in to see what’s new and in stock.

Currently not in stock

Levia Seltzer

LEVIA Launches First Cannabis-Infused Seltzer in MassachusettsLooking for a festive beverage that offers an alcohol-free buzz? Levia Cannabis-Infused Seltzers combine great taste with cannabis and other botanicals. Enjoy the elevated sensation of a lemon-lime Celebrate or the fresh berry mellowness of indica-infused Dream.

Shop Levia Seltzer in Lee, MA Shop Levia Seltzer in Holyoke, MA


Live resin Freshly Baked gummies

A veteran and husband-wife social equity team, Freshly Baked has a range of killer tasting THC gummies as well as Live Resin and Live Rosin dosed chews in flavors likeBlueberry, Grape, Raspberry, Strawberry, Watermelon, Blueberry/Lemonade, Strawberry/Lemonade, Pineapple Mango. Try the Celestial Sleep Blueberry (THC:CBN) for your next goodnight sesh!

Shop Bhang in Lee, MA Shop Bhang in Holyoke, MA


Incredibles Edibles | Chocolates, Gummies Tarts and Mints

Ten years ago, the makers of Incredibles needed a way to get their Grandma medicinal cannabis to ease chronic pain. She said that the cookies tasted as good as they made her feel, and a business was born. Today, Incredibles has a lineup that includes chocolates, gummies, tarts, and mints. Each is formulated for consistent and predictable dosing in a great tasting preparation.

Shop Incredibles in Lee, MA Shop Incredibles in Holyoke, MA



Ten Ever since Coast Cannabis hit the market they have continued to be one of the best manufacturers of cannabis chocolate bars (the Cookies and Scream is amazing) and minor-cannabinoid highlighting gummies and chews. Try the 1:1:1 dosed THCV:CBG:CBD Raspberry-lime chews for amazing uplift and focus and general sense of well being. The Woman-led, and founded and operated by a husband and wife duo with lifelong roots in Massachusetts, Coast was the first independent cannabis manufacturing business in the state.

Shop Incredibles in Lee, MA Shop Incredibles in Holyoke, MA


Looking for The Best Edibles in MA?

We’d be happy to show you what’s available. There are edibles available at a range of doses, delivery types, and ones for different effects. We are constantly scouting the best edibles available at Massachusetts dispensaries. We’d love to help you pick out your next one. Back to top.

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Buying Edibles in Massachusetts – Things to Know

Can anyone buy edibles in Massachusetts?

Adults over the age of 21 are permitted to buy cannabis products for personal, recreational use from licensed dispensaries, and that does include edibles. Adults are allowed to purchase up to 500mg of THC edibles per day. All you need in order to make a purchase is a government-issued photo ID, such as your driver’s license.

Can you buy edibles online in Massachusetts?

You actually can. For example, at Canna Provisions, you can select the edibles you want from our online menu and then place your order for pickup. It should also be noted, cannabis delivery is available in select locations in the state from a few dispensaries. However, those delivery radiuses can be limited for now.

What types of edibles are available in MA?

The sky’s the new limit with cannabis edibles. You can pretty much find an edible to satisfy any craving or preference. While baked goods like cookies and brownies will always have their place, the modern collection includes infused seltzers and THC drinks, hard candies, gummies, chocolate bars, savory snacks, and more.

Where can I buy edibles in MA?

Cannabis edibles are available at recreational and medical dispensaries throughout the state. Our Dispensary in Lee won Best Edibles In The Berkshires by The Berkshire Eagle for their Best of the Berkshires 2021 annual awards. Not only will you find some of the strongest edibles Massachusetts has to offer, but you will also find an extensive collection of the top edible brands available. Visiting from The Berkshires?

Where can I buy CBD edibles in Massachusetts?

CBD edibles made using cannabis extracts and not hemp with high THC and low-THC content are available at most dispensaries. These more therapeutic cannabis edibles usually deliver a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD, but different products can have different concentrations. Some may have very little THC at all.

Are edibles more expensive than flower?

Pricing for edibles depends on a lot of different factors, such as the type of edible and its potency. You can expect something that contains 100mg of THC to run anywhere from $30 to $60, sometimes more and sometimes less. This can seem a little higher than flower, but one package of edibles may deliver several servings for the price. Therefore, the prices can be comparable for both types of products.

What are the advantages of edibles?

Edibles deliver quite a few perks when compared to smoking cannabis. For one, the products are discreet—no smoking means no smell and food is a lot less conspicuous than say a gram or two of bud. Some people prefer edibles because they can enjoy the effects of cannabis without smoking, which always comes with some risks. Edibles can also deliver a more intense experience and the high tends to last longer.

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