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The 5 Best Edibles for Sex

Since the dawn of humans, people have been experimenting with various herbs to enhance sex, and cannabis can definitely be included in this historical fact. Today, people use cannabis for everything from sleep and appetite stimulation to boosting energy and focus and relieving pain. However, there’s a growing group of “cannasexuals,” or people who fully embrace bringing cannabis into the sexual experience. While the die-hard flower fans are very much alive and well within this group, almost as many people prefer edibles for sex. So, what are the best edibles for sex? Find out more below.



Best THC Edibles for Sex

1. 1906 Love Drops 1:1

1906 is well known for offering THC edibles combined with herbal agents that enhance different experiences. And, as luck would have it if you’re looking to get lucky, 1906 Love Drops are formulated specifically for sex. These bedroom magic drops contain a mix of five herbs with aphrodisiac qualities, including Ashwagandha, Damiana Leaf, Catuaba Bark, and others. Each drop also contains 5mg of THC and CBD. Customers say Love Drops deliver a slight uptick of sexual energy and just enough THC to keep your mind focused on the sensual experience.

2. Betty’s Eddies Smashin’ Passion Chews

Betty’s Eddies Smashin’ Passion Fruit Chews are specifically formulated for sensual enhancement. While these fruit chews contain 5mg of THC, they are also made with a collection of natural herbal aphrodisiacs like Horny Goat Weed and Muira Puama. The passion fruit flavor is just the icing on the cake with these chews, as most people say these are some of the best edibles to get you in the mood.

3. Mindy’s Edibles Lush Black Cherry 1:1 Gummies

With an even ratio of CBD and THC and a totally seductive cabernet-soaked cherry flavor, Mindy’s Edibles Lush Black Cherry Gummies are a good choice when it comes to sex edibles. Each piece contains only 5mg of THC, and the added CBD helps gloss over the intoxicating effects to keep you more clear-minded and open to the experience. Therefore, you are lulled into a relaxed happy place, where getting in the mood is easy.

4. Coast Cannabis Co. Dark Chocolate 1:1 Bar

Made with 60% cacao dark chocolate and a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC, the Coast Cannabis Co. Dark Chocolate 1:1 Bar is melt-in-your-mouth delicious. The balanced combination of cannabinoids leaves you feeling calm, relaxed, and slightly euphoric, which can be the perfect recipe for an enjoyable intimate night.

5. DO Drops Peach 1:1 Gummies

DO Drops Peach 1:1 Gummies are lower dose than most gummies at just 2.5mg of THC per piece, and they have the same amount of CBD. Therefore, these DO Drops allow your mind and body to relax while heightening your senses and focus. These effects can translate well when it comes to sex. The sweet peach flavor is just as tempting as the sweetly level-headed effects.

1906 love drops

FAQs About Sex While High on Edibles

Are edibles for sex better than cannabis flower for sex?

This question is always up for debate among proponents of using cannabis for sex. Fans of edibles say that the ability to pick and choose the cannabinoid combinations makes a difference. Those who prefer to smoke say smoking is better because certain strains have a reputation for inducing an aroused state.

Can cannabis impair sexual function?

To date, there are no formal studies that say cannabis can impair how well you function sexually. Many people would say cannabis is a far better go-to for good sex than alcohol, which is definitively known to impair sexual function because of its desensitizing effects. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean cannabis gets a full green light when it comes to sex. Obviously, too much THC can have sedating effects and affect your sexual capabilities. And, even high amounts of CBD may put you into too much of a relaxed state for all systems to be a go.

What should you look for in the best edibles for sex?

Many people choose to steer clear of high-THC edibles when it comes to enhancing intimate encounters. However, what works for one individual may not offer the same effectiveness to someone else. Cannabis edibles come with various cannabinoid concentrations and potency levels, so it can be a good idea to experiment to find what works for you.

Bettering Your Journey—Even Your Sexual One—at Canna Provisions

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