Posted on May 13th, 2020 by Canna Provisions

Is Where You Buy Cannabis Important?

The source of your cannabis is important no matter who you are. If you’re a regular consumer, it matters because you’re counting on the product to be consistent, effective, and of the highest quality available to you. If you’re a first-time shopper, you’ll want to feel comfortable knowing that the staff will take the time to serve you appropriately. Here are a few of the things to consider while you determine which dispensary is the best for you.

1. Product Selection

This is critical to the value of any business. The best dispensaries will have a wide selection of flower, concentrates, and edibles so their customers can take their choice of different options. Pick out only the products that will be most appropriate for your own personal journey with cannabis, and don’t settle for anything else. Check your local dispensary online or in-person to see if they have premium products that will lend themselves to an enjoyable experience, satisfy your taste buds, and produce the desired effect.

2. Dispensary Location is Key in New York

As one of the closest dispensaries to NYC and the Hudson Valley, we at Canna Provisions group know how important location is. Unless there’s no other way to get cannabis, consumers from New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts don’t want to drive all day just to find their favorite products. Beyond convenience, the best dispensary should be in a nice area where you feel comfortable and enjoy visiting. Everything from the parking lot to the surrounding area should contribute to your positive experience. You might be surprised how much the dispensary location can help you enjoy your shopping trip.

3. Knowledgeable Staff

The guides at the best dispensaries are friendly, educated, and patient with shoppers of all experience levels. When the staff takes a genuine personal interest in you, they’ll take the time to inform you about all of the products they have and help you pick out the perfect ones for your preferences. If you’re unsure about anything, they’ll answer questions about the dispensary, their history, and where they get their provisions. These kinds of guides will put your satisfaction first, which means they won’t try to oversell you or rush you out the door. You’ll feel welcomed, learn more, and have a much better cannabis journey overall.

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4. Health and Safety

This cannot be overlooked. Any place where you buy something to put into your body, you should get the impression that everything is spotless. The location should look sanitary, the staff should look professional, and even the parking lot should appear clean and cared for. They should know how where their cannabis comes from, how it’s grown, and who has handled it. If you’re purchasing concentrates, ask which kinds of processes and solvents are used to perform the extractions. Don’t consume anything that might be tainted with chemicals.

Cannabis Dispensaries in Western Mass.

We at Canna Provisions Group are proud to be your premier choice among dispensaries in Western MA. Our friendly outposts are staffed by friendly and educated guides who are prepared to assist you as you navigate our full menu of products. We’ll help you feel right at home whether you’re an experienced cannabis consumer or a first time customer. Everyone can feel comfortable knowing that when they enter one of our dispensaries, they’ll receive the highest quality of both service and products. Contact us today to learn more about whether we’re the right choice for you, or come visit us in person to see for yourself.

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