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Posted on July 6th, 2023 by Dan McCarthy

The Best 710 Deals in Massachusetts

While 420 (April 20th) may be the most widely recognized holiday for cannabis lovers, 710 is right on its heels, gaining all kinds of notoriety. In Massachusetts 710 deals are never hard to come by. And you can rest assured, Canna Provisions is working hard to pull together all the best 710 deals to get the party started.

But first, what does 710 friendly mean anyway? Where did 710 come from? Find out what the second-most-recognized weed holiday is all about and what kind of 710 deals you can expect to see in lieu of the celebration.

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What is 710?

So, what does 710 mean? July 10th or 7/10 is a cannabis-based, unofficial holiday that is dedicated to appreciating the beauty that is cannabis concentrates. Why cannabis concentrates? If you look at the number 710 flipped on its head, what you actually have is the word “OIL.” Hence, the 710 oil holiday is commonly referred to as Oil Day or Dab Day.

Cannabis concentrates are an exceptionally diverse category of cannabis products that go far beyond just oil. Thanks to legalization, and the liberty to experiment and create, processors have created some spectacular variations of cannabis oil. 710 is a celebration of those highly potent cannabis extracts that can range in consistency and type, such as badder, wax, shatter, resin, and rosin.

Concentrates are commonly used with a dab rig, but may also be found in vape carts, infused into pre-rolls, and used to make some of the best edibles in the state. So, when 710 rolls around, you can find people celebrating the occasion with everything from dabs and vapes to edibles.

Where did 710 come from?

There are several theories about where 710 started. Some say the number itself is somehow tied to the Grateful Dead, which happens to have a communal office and residence in San Franciso at, you guessed it, 710 Ashbury Street. There’s even an iconic pic snapped way back when that shows the band’s members with the 710 clearly displayed on the porch post.

However, there are other theories as well. For example, some credit hip-hop’s TaskRock with coining the term on one of his albums in 2011—an album that made a lot of references to concentrates.

What is certain, is 710 is a relatively new cannabis holiday in the grand scheme of things with only a decade or two of recognition. Nevertheless, as more states have gone weed legal, people have been embracing 710 even more with events and celebrations.

710 Deals in Massachusetts to Expect

No matter its origins, MA goes all out when it comes to 710 deals. You can find great savings opportunities for everything from cannabis concentrates to vapes at the best dispensaries in the state. And, The Bay State is home to some of the finest brands when it comes to concentrates, whether you prefer something like solventless hash or resin or a product a little more potent like cannabis wax modeled after the top strains in the area.

Smash Hits Treeworks Live Rosin

Check Out Some of the 710 Deals at Canna Provisions

With our own in-house concentrates and a deep appreciation for potent cannabis concentrates, 710 is one of our favorite days of the year. Canna Provisions is definitely sweetening the upcoming holiday with the best 710 deals in Massachusetts.

This 710 is even sweeter with our latest collab with Treeworks to produce live hash rosin dabs and live rosin carts from Smash Hits strains. These concentrates were even named the “Concentrates of the Month” by Northeast Leaf!

A few deals to catch at our dispensaries include:

  • Wax That Grass Bundle – Buy Stardawg Wax and an 8th of Stardawg flower for just $80
  • Chem’s Dip Stick – Buy 1 gram of our Wonka Bars Live Resin at $70 and get a Wonka Bar pre-roll for $5
  • Price drop to $80 for all 1 gram Treeworks Live Hash Rosin in strains like Cali Rasins, Chem S1, and Chem 4
  • Price drop to $60 on California Raisins .5 gram vape carts
  • Special Savings on Petrol Party Passers Infused Cannagar 3-packs

We’ve Got All Kinds of Reasons to Celebrate

Our gratitude for all the ways we can legally consume cannabis is always a good reason to celebrate. And, if you’re searching for 710 deals near me, you know you can count on us at Canna Provisions to have you covered. Ready to make your list of the must-haves for your 710 festivities?

Be sure to take a few minutes to check out our menu in Holyoke and Lee to track down your favorites.

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