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10 Gifts For Dads Who Smoke Weed – Father’s Day Fun

Does your dad appreciate the finer things in life? And, by finer, of course, we mean good weed. If so. Father’s Day is just ahead, so there’s no better time like the present to start scoping out the dispensary menu. Check out these gift ideas for the dad that loves his cannabis this Father’s Day.

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1. Smash Hits Be Focused Flight

Give Pop a trio of star-studded strains from the Smash Hits lineup with the Be Focused Flight collection. Dear Dad will get a gram each of Biscotti Mintz, Wonka Bars, and Blue Dream.

2. Yamna Live Resin Infused Cannagars

Maybe your father likes his cigar a little more uplifting than most. If so, pick up a Cannagar or two from Yamna. Each is infused with live resin, which pushes the potency level of these smokes to around 40 percent or more.

3. Bubby’s Baked Brownies

Dear old Dad may have had his share of pot brownies in days gone by, but he’s probably never had a Bubby’s Baked Brownie. Each brownie serves up a consistent 5 mg of THC, and these sweet treats are all chewy, fudgy, chocolate goodness, so you’re bound to get a few brownie points.

4. Smash Hits Wax That Grass Stardawg Bundle

Give Pops everything he needs to wax poetic with this awesome Smash Hits Wax That Grass bundle. He’ll get one gram of Stardawg Wax and 3.5 grams of the Platinum Stardawg (Corey Cut) flower.

5. Canna Cream 1:1 Body Balm from Treeworks

Maybe your dad needs a little help with that “old sports injury” he’s always complaining about. Perhaps he has problems with achy knees and stiff joints. Either way, he’s bound to appreciate the relief he gets from Treeworks Canna Cream with 1:1 CBD and THC.

6. Animal Face Dogwalker Pre-Rolls

You really can’t go wrong with a five-pack of Dogwalkers Pre-Rolls for Father’s Day, especially with a strain like Animal Face. Plus, the pre-rolls are tucked away in a nice tin for safe-keeping in Dad’s coat pocket.

7. Howl’s Anytime THC Tincture

If your dad is not much of a smoker, he may appreciate Howl’s Anytime Tincture. Every bottle serves up 215 mg of THC, which is perfect for microdosing for therapeutic reasons.

8. Wana Gummies

There’s a reason Wana Gummies are on the list as one of the best edibles in the state, and Dad’s bound to appreciate them just the same. Wana Gummies come in different flavors and in unique cannabinoid ratios.

9. Chemdog 91 Smalls

If you consider your father a true OG when it comes to weed, he’ll no doubt have an appreciation for Chemdog 91 from the Smash Hits collection. Grown right here in Mass by the real Chem himself, introduce dad to the OG bud that started it all.

10. Sour Diesel Disposable Vape

Hand-deliver your dad a no-mess, no-fuss route to fast-acting Sour Diesel in a disposable vape from Coast Cannabis Co. You may very well become his favorite child for the year after this gift.

Looking for something specific?

Dads need SLEEP

Try Wana Stay Asleep gummies, or Levia’s water-soluble Dream Tincture for self-dosing seltzers or an evening tea. Blackout tincture drops from Bay State Hemp are packed with a fantastic combo of minor cannabinoids formulated to inspire deep sleep.

Dads need ENERGY

Sativas and Sativa-leaning hybrids from Smash Hits are great options – StardawgBlue DreamLemon OG Haze are available in prerolls. Products that have THCV are also a great option, like Betty’s Eddie’s Go Betty Go Watermelon chews, or even Energy Cubes from The Heirloom Collective that are packed with Vitamin B12, green tea extract, and custom blend of uplifting plant based terpenes.

Dads need FUN

Chem’s Fruit Stand from Smash Hits is an outrageously sweet and delicious smelling flower, like a bowl of sugary fruity cereal covered in sugar melon, that is great for day-off relaxing over a movie. Live Resin infused cannagars from Yamna like the Hippie Slayer strain are a blast too. Looking for something else? A 5 pack of .5 g MAC1 prer-olls that won at the 2023 NECANN awards last March for prerolls will be a hit.

Dads need FOOD

Treat dad to a Buzzy Root Beer and make Ice Cream floats or spice it up with Tropezien Avocado hot sauce.

Happy Father’s Day to All Dads from Canna Provisions

From all of us at Canna Provisions to all dads everywhere, Happy Father’s Day! Be sure to watch for special bundles and deals on our Holyoke and Lee menus to gift Dad only the best cannabis and cannabis products.

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