Posted on February 10th, 2023 by Dan McCarthy

Best Live Resin Brands in Massachusetts (Top 4)

Looking for live resin in Massachusetts? When you want authentic cannabis flavors as close to the flower as possible, live resin in MA is definitely a good choice. And, the consistency of live resin makes it perfect for encapsulating in a vape cart or infusing with a good gummy. As you make your way to a Canna Provisions dispensary to find the best live resin in Massachusetts, be sure to look for some of the top picks below.

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Best Live Resin Brands Massachusetts

Sticky Fish

Sticky Fish is said to bring some of the strongest live resin in Massachusetts to the market in the form of vape carts. In fact, this brand took 1st place in the High Times Cannabis Cup in MA in 2022 for the best non-distillate vape carts. Sticky Fish offers some of the dankest, gassiest, most flavorful strain-derived live resin options, including Grease Monkey, Golden Bough, and London Pound Cake, to name a few. And, the brand also uses live resin to create its flavorful line of gummies.

Green Gold Group

The Green Gold Group brings a full collection of live resin vape carts to life with a mix of familiar and relatively new strain options to pick from. Look for picks like Sour Joker, Gorilla Glue, and White Widow, to name a few. With a focus on naturally-grown cannabis and stringently tested products, Green Gold’s live resin vape carts do not disappoint when it comes to quality, flavor, or experience.

Cloud Creamery

Cloud Creamery is known for its delectable edible ice cream concoctions, many of which are created with full-spectrum live resin. With an entirely new take on cannabis edibles, Cloud Creamery offers picks like Pina Colada, Java Brownie, and Tanzanian Vanilla ice cream. Every five-ounce container serves up just over 45 mg of THC.


Fernway has been a popular MA brand for a while, but they recently released their live resin vape pens to the sheer delight of their adoring followers. You can find a full collection to pick from that fall under Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid categories. And, Fernway vapes are made from some of the most captivating strains on the market, such as Buddha’s Hand and Mochi.

Where to Buy Live Resin in Massachusetts

Whether you’re on the search for high THC live resin in Massachusetts or flavorful vapes made with live resin, Canna Provisions is the dispensary to visit. We make it a point to bring together the finest brands and products in the state, so our customers always have the best to pick from when they visit. Be sure to take a look at our Holyoke and Lee menus to see what live resin products we have to offer.

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