Posted on August 22nd, 2023 by Dan McCarthy

Business West Turns To Canna Provisions For Insight On Massachusetts Cannabis Market Challenges

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Business West, the business journal of Western Massachusetts, just published a sprawling market feature on the current state of the cannabis market in the Commonwealth.

The feature, written by Business West managing editor Joe Bednar, is well reported rundown on where things stand in Mass grass, with interviews featuring Six Bricks and other independent cannabis operators, as well as some quotes from the big MSOs.

But key is the market insight and experience from Canna Provisions CEO Meg Sanders, no stranger to penning market-shifting op-eds and massive features in Business West, who also follows the entire feature up with a fantastic new op-ed at the bottom titled: “Weathering The Storm: A Resilient Way Forward”.

Also pushing the feature along is COO Erik Williams. Here’s a taste:

Erik Williams, chief operating officer at Canna Provisions (see sidebar on page 20), explained that a typical dispensary needs to take in about $6 million in top-line revenue annually in order to break even. “A whole bunch of companies are not there. They’re sitting on big tax bills without the cash flow, and they’re going to close under the weight of taxes; we’re seeing that right now across the state.”

He also noted the 24% profitability figure, and said anyone coming into the market should be aware of it.

Read the whole feature here

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