Posted on February 23rd, 2023 by Dan McCarthy

Canna Provisions And The City Of Holyoke On Dennis Quaid’s Viewpoint Series

Dennis Quaid.

He loves that you love his work in Innerspace. (Who doesn’t? It’s an American classic of late 80s cinema).

He would also like you to know about Holyoke, Mass. Why? Because of its history. Its connection to the paper manufacturing industry in America going back a century. Because Holyoke just celebrated its 150th anniversary. And also, because of the rising legal cannabis industry.

Listen to Quaid intro this episode on Viewpoint, his new digital docu-series highlighting different slices of the American experience and different cities worth looking at. Along with Quaid, hear from Holyoke Mayor Garcia, Aaron Vega, and a host of different faces and businesses making up Holyoke.

They made sure to capture Canna Provisions at one of our Holyoke pop-up educational events. Considering Canna Provisions is a celebrated woman-owned local business, and the first and most award-winning adult-use marijuana dispensary in the Paper City, that makes perfect sense.

Canna Provisions on display in Holyoke along with Better Your Journey shirts and merchandise in Dennis Quaid’s Viewpoint online docu-series.


Check out the video here!

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