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Posted on February 21st, 2023 by Dan McCarthy

Canna Provisions On Spectrum 1 News To Discuss Industry Competition

It’s not what you think.

Sure, one would think when there is increased competition in any given industry, it causes worry with existing businesses in that industry.

But as Canna Provisions CEO Meg Sanders tells Spectrum 1 News in this broadcast clip, new markets coming online – like the New York adult-use market as well as the Connecticut adult-use market which both are a short drive from Canna Provisions Lee and Canna Provisions Holyoke – simply means more consumers interested in legal cannabis.

From Spectrum 1 News:

As the industry grows out of state and more stores are expected to add to those already in Massachusetts, Sanders said it’s important for dispensaries to build a brand. Canna Provisions has found success in consumer education.

“Whether you’ve been doing this for years or whether this is your first time, we want to be a resource to help you understand the various nuances of different products,” Sanders said.

Ultimately, like many industries, Sanders said it comes down to providing great service and building relationships with customers.

“Think about how many restaurants are, how many hotels are,” Sanders said. “I think as long as you’re thoughtful about your location, you provide an awesome experience, obviously, you have very curated inventory product lists for customers, that’s really the key.”

CLICK HERE to check out the Spectrum 1 News story.

Meg Sanders Canna Provisions CEO Smash Hits Spectrum 1 News

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