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Cannabis Business Executive: Innovations and Success at Canna Provisions

Cannabis Business Executive: Innovations and Success at Canna Provisions

Canna Provisions, under the leadership of co-founder and CEO Meg Sanders, is setting a remarkable standard in the cannabis industry. With locations in Lee and Holyoke, Massachusetts, this woman-owned dispensary emphasizes hand-trimmed craft cannabis, profitability, and community engagement, making it a standout example of business excellence and innovation.

Cannabis Business Executive sat down for a long feature interview with Sanders for the spring issue. You can read it here.

From the feature, on Canna Provisions Lee dispensary, Canna Provisions Holyoke dispensary, and Smash Hits cannabis under the leadership of Meg Sanders and COO and co-owner Erik Williams:

“Lee opened in 2019, Holyoke opened in 2020, and Sanders and Williams bought out their partners in 2021. Canna Provisions currently has about 7000 square feet indoor, and 10,000 outdoor. “We get one outdoor harvest,” she said. “In the hoop house, we’re going to get two. We’ll have plants in the hoop house in a week and a half, we’ll pull them down at the end of May, and then we’ll reload it at the end of May and do a whole other cycle.”

Due in part to the strength of Chemdog’s status as a quality grower, Canna Provisions sells pretty much every gram it produces through its stores. “We have a small wholesale following,” said Sanders. “It’s a drop in the bucket compared to what we do retail, but it’s to trusted partners that we know are going to pay us. And sometimes we have bumper crops of specific strains, so it’s a monthly decision on what we’re going to put on that wholesale menu. We do it without a sales team, and we do it without doing pop ups. This is a very small craft cultivation that has a strong following from a handful of retailers.”

They also operate a “tiny” genetics R&D component. “We are always rolling through new genetics just to test them out, and we’ve got several new strains that are in the store right now,” said Sanders. “They hit this week, and we also just received a few more genetics that have some specific characteristics that we think are important. So, genetics is always on the table. I think one of the most fun things about this industry is that you get lucky every once in a while and go, ‘Holy moly, did we hit the jackpot with that one seed, or whatever that might be? We rely on Chem very, very much, not only with what he has in his seed bank, but also his relationships throughout the cannabis world about getting awesome new strains in.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Canna Provisions Leads with Profit: Despite the challenges faced by many in the cannabis industry, Canna Provisions boasts profitability, a rare achievement highlighting its operational excellence and market understanding.
  • A Woman-Led Success Story: Meg Sanders’ leadership and extensive experience have positioned Canna Provisions as a beacon for women in cannabis, emphasizing the impact of female leadership in the industry.
  • Local Community Engagement: Beyond its commercial success, Canna Provisions invests in its communities, contributing to local development and fostering strong community ties.
  • Innovation in Product Offering: From the Smash Hits brand, which includes concentrates, edibles, vapes, and strain-specific sodas, Canna Provisions is at the forefront of cannabis product innovation.
  • Championing Cannabis Education and Legislation: Meg Sanders has played a pivotal role in shaping cannabis legislation and regulation, underscoring the importance of informed advocacy in advancing the industry.

Choice Pull Quotes:

“Where others are closing, reducing, or retreating, Canna Provisions is one of less than 25% of any legal cannabis operator in the US being profitable.” – A testament to the strategic acumen and resilience of Canna Provisions.

“[Sanders] has left an indelible mark on the industry, having successfully operated and divested her Mindful dispensaries in Colorado during the nascent stages of the legal market before returning to operations in 2019 with the launch of Canna Provisions.” – Highlighting Meg Sanders’ significant contributions to the cannabis industry over 14 years.

“We work really hard to train our people in the store so they are the consummate professionals that we know they can be…” – Reflecting Canna Provisions’ commitment to customer service and education.

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