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Build the Best Cannabis Gift Basket in Massachusetts

Looking for the perfect gift for those hard-to-pick-for folks on your shopping list? When in doubt, pull the weed out! Seriously, though, a cannabis gift basket could be the answer to all your holiday shopping woes. From the true-blue stoner right down to your grandma, everyone can appreciate good cannabis and infused products. Take a look at how to build the best cannabis gift basket for everyone on your list.

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Cannabis Gift Basket for the Elders

While you may not think dear grandma or grandpa will be interested in a cannabis gift basket, this kind of gift has the potential to be the best gift they’ve ever received. For your elders, lean into the therapeutic side of weed gifts with picks from the dispensary that can offer wellness support. You could go with cannabis for pain relief or some of the best CBD gummies in Massachusetts, for example.

A few good picks include:

  • Canna Cream 1:1 Body Balm from Treeworks
  • Wana Fast Asleep Gummies with THC, CBD, CBN, and CBG
  • Betty’s Eddies Ache Away Cherry Fruit Chews with THC, CBD, and CBC

Cannabis Gift Basket for First Timers

Maybe your younger cousin just turned 21, or perhaps you’ve got a good bud that’s curious about weed but hasn’t yet dipped their toes into the sea of green. This cannabis basket can be a lot of fun to pull together because you get to look for products that are not all that overbearing or intimidating and perfect for a beginner.

Some of the best picks for the occasion include:

  • Kingston Kind Pre-rolls from the Smash Hits collection
  • 1906 Chill Pills with 5:1 CBD to THC
  • Wana Quick Calm Gummies with CBD and THC

Stoner Gift Basket for the Pros

Creating a gift basket for the true-blue stoner is hands-down one of the best ways to make sure your gift leaves a smile on their face. And the beauty of shopping for someone who you know loves weed is pretty much anything goes. You get the pleasure of sorting through the collection of the best cannabis flower in the state to find those elite strains or hand-selecting edibles or other products you know they’ll appreciate.

A few picks for the stoner gift basket include:

Other Must-Haves for the Weed Gift Basket

  • Don’t forget to toss in a few good accessories: a torch lighter, rolling papers, or a hand pipe
  • Include a good rolling tray or storage container
  • How about some merch or a gift card from their favorite dispensary?
  • Snacks for when the munchies hit!

Find All the Best Weed Gifts in Massachusetts at Canna Provisions

Whether you’re building the perfect stoner gift basket or simply checking items off the holiday shopping list, we’ve got you covered with all the best weed in Massachusetts at Canna Provisions. Be sure to take a look at our menu in Holyoke and Lee to make sure you keep everyone’s spirits high through the holidays.

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