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Cannabis Gummies & Infused Edibles Guide

Picture this. You are either an avid cannabis user or you are new to the program and need some insight. You know you enjoy smoking occasionally, but you want to be more portable and discreet. You don’t want to carry around a pipe, lighter, cleaner, grinder, and a jar. You almost feel as if you are in an infomercial with the cheesy black and white nightmare scenarios. What will you ever do? You can’t dab, you don’t want to have a pre-roll yet, and your stomach is growling. What are your options? 

We have a solution for you and it’s on a silver platter. Behold, the world of EDIBLES!

Edibles are a great way to have that euphoric feeling on the go, if you’re a flavor fiend, or want to have a stronger experience with cannabis. Edibles come in many forms, the most popular being gummies and chocolate but any regular food can be infused and sold as an edible. Let’s explore. 

What Exactly Are THC Edibles?

Edibles are a fantastic alternative to puffing flower or wax. They are THC-infused or CBD-infused foods or tinctures that are packaged in uniform doses and sold at dispensaries like Canna Provisions. Cannabis edibles come in the typical categories: sativa, indica, hybrid, and some are 1:1 CBD:THC-infused only. Depending on the brand, some even offer fruit and vegetable based chews with added melatonin to aid sleep. There 

Edibles can be just activated cannabis flower in food products, or infused through a glycerine extraction process that separates and preserves the terpenes while maintaining the THC levels in each food product. Edibles used to be made with cannabutter or other basic ways which could be inconsistent with the amount in each bite, but regulations have made it easy to know how much you are getting with each dose and there is no guesswork.

Should I Eat the Whole Thing?

Hold your horses. 

First off, decide what type of edible you want. Do you want the heady high of a sativa, a body-low indica, or a nice balanced hybrid?

We recommend our gummies such as our Staff Pick Fireball Cinnamon Fruit Chews. Also, our delectable chocolates like our Coast Cannabis Almond Coconut Sea Salt Bar or Berries and Cream White Chocolate Bar does the trick. 

Secondly, if you are new to the world of edibles, it’s smart to always start with a low amount, preferably 5mg which is the amount any single dose of a cannabis edible is legally allowed to be. Edibles can take up to two hours to take effect, depending on how much you had to eat beforehand, your natural metabolism, and other factors. So remember: go low and slow, and hydrate well!

Combusting flower to smoke it works almost immediately because it is sent directly to the bloodstream. But edibles are processed through the stomach and liver, which takes time and which is why you don’t feel the effects immediately. Again, everyone is different. If you are comfortable with your body and know what you need, use responsibly. Otherwise, wait, and then take more if you need. We offer products anywhere from 50-100 mg but 100mg is the industry standard and maximum one full package of cannabis edibles is allowed to be for adult-use cannabis products in Massachusetts. 

Consuming our gummies, chocolates, or other edibles will also not be a short journey either. Expect to feel the effects for about up to six hours. If you notice you become too sleepy, make sure to rest somewhere safe. Don’t freak out either. And remember we are not doctors.

But if you have consumed edibles and you are feeling uncomfortable or overwhelmed, here’s a trick to feel less high after eating edibles: Chew whole black peppercorns. The chemical in pepper helps neutralize the overwhelming sensations of the cannabis high, but don’t forget hydration and drinking water and just time (sometimes just riding it out a bit is needed).

Bon Appetit!

Stop into any of our two Canna Provisions dispensaries in Lee or Holyoke for bettering your journey into the world of edibles. If you’re feeling in the mood for infused chocolate, get an Incredibles Strawberry Crunch bar or Smores Cheesecake for the camping feeling. Try any of our Betty’s Eddies chews, Cheeba Chews, or sour cubes by The Heirloom Collective.

Either way, we have all of your wants taken care of when looking for the best dispensary in Western Massachusetts for cannabis edibles. We look forward to seeing you. 

Make sure to follow us on social media @cannaprovisionsgroup and shop on our site at We offer in-store pickup, online ordering, and even curbside pickup. 

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