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Cheeba Chews Edibles: Flavors, Effects Doses & More

The Edible Dilemma

Trying a new edible for the first time can be a tricky proposition. We’ve all had that experience with an unknown brand where you either get no effect at all or wind up with a way stronger dose than you bargained for. This is a big part of what sets Cheeba Chews apart. Read on to learn why High Times described Cheeba Chews as America’s favorite edible.

Cheeba Chews Hybrid Caramel Chews | 100mg | WeedmapsWhat Are Cheeba CHews?

Cheeba Chews is a brand of edibles that creates delicious sweet chews with consistent and potent THC levels. Each small cube is a delectable candy that contains a significant amount of THC, our favorite psychoactive compound. Their awesome taste, reliable dosing, and wide variety of flavors and types have led to four Cannabis Cup wins. Cheeba Chews are also gluten-free and peanut-free.


One reason Cheeba Chews remain remarkable more than a decade after the product was launched: all the different varieties. These chews are available in flavors like: chocolate, caramel, and strawberry taffy.


Cheeba Chews are available in several varieties to fit different tastes and moods. Like the uplifting effect of a sativa? There’s a chew for that. You can also choose a calming indica, a well-balanced hybrid, or a chew that blends THC, CBD,and CBG for the ultimate entourage effect.


In Massachusetts, we have access to Cheeba Chews in their popular Deca Dose. Each 20 chew pack contains 100 mg THC. This equals five mg in each chew for ultra-precise dosing for the right kind of edible experience.

How Much Cheeba Chews Should I Eat?

One Cheeba Chews Deca chew is the recommended starting dose, or half a chew if you are particularly sensitive to THC or are trying them for the first time. Wait at least an hour before eating anything else.

Cheeba Chews are well-known for their high cannabinoid content. Every batch of cannabis extract they use is tested in a lab. There’s no need to be concerned about overdoing it with edibles that vary from batch to batch.

A Note from Cheeba Chews

The makers of Cheeba Chews recommend that you stay hydrated while enjoying Cheeba Chews. Make sure your plans don’t involve any heavy machinery. The duration of the effects varies from person to person but generally lasts between two and six hours.

Cheeba Chews: Final Thoughts


  • Cheeba Chews are standardized for easy use and consistent dosing
  • Available in indica, sativa, and hybrid. Full Spectrum CBD is also available.
  • Offer different levels of THC for people looking for specific cannabinoid content.
  • Cheeba Chew reviewers rave about the high-quality flavors and ingredients.
  • Expanding number of flavors keeps customers interested.


  • Has non-vegan ingredients, so you can’t share with your vegan friends. (More for you, though.)
  • More than one Cheeba Chews review mentions a lingering aftertaste. However, this is not uncommon with quality edibles.

Where to Buy Cheeba Chews in MA?

While people all over the country have wondered “where can I get Cheeba Chews near me?” those of us living in Massachusetts are lucky. Our state’s recreational laws mean that we can stock a wide range of Cheeba Chews products. Come in to try them out at our dispensaries in Lee, MA & Holyoke, MA.

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