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What is a Chemdog Strain? ChemDog Smash Hits

If you know anything about cannabis strains, there’s no doubt you’ve encountered one highly recognizable name in your endeavors: Chemdog. This strain is hard to miss with its pungent, diesel aromatics and tendency to deliver a distinctly happy high with a kick of creativity. You may have even smoked one of the many dog-derived strains over the years—Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and more.

What is a Chemdog Strain?

Today there are many different Chemdog strains as seed genetics have been tampered with over time. However, a true Chemdog strain is one cultivated by Greg (Chemdog) Kryzanowski. Who exactly is that? Read on.

Chemdog: The Legend Behind the Strain(s)

Greg (Chemdog) Kryzanowski reaches for cannabis flowers
Greg (Chemdog) Kryzanowski

Who is the Father of Kind Bud?

Some call him Greg Krzanowski, others prefer to call him Chemdog, and he even gets labeled as “Chemdawg,” even though that’s wrong—it’s D-O-G and never D-A-W-G. Here at Canna Provisions, we call our well-known Director of Cultivation “Chem”.

Chem raised, protected, and tended the beloved OG Chemdog plant for nearly 30 years. His love-at-first-smoke experience led him to carefully cultivate the plant in a closet, in his apartment, and everywhere he went throughout most of his adult life. In spite of having to relocate the mother plant several times over the years and even getting raided by the feds in 2011, Chem kept his prized strain alive and provided clones.

Legal Chemdog is the Best Chemdog

Now, with adult-use cannabis finally legal in Chem’s home state of Massachusetts, he is stepping out of the shadows to bring his strain to the frontlines of cannabis, legally. Best of all, he’s bringing his 30 years of experience to the Canna Provisions dispensary so customers get access to legitimate Chemdog cannabis, new Smash Hit strains, and a truly authentic experience.

Looking Back: The History of Chemdog Cannabis

Whether you believe in fate or not—the Chemdog strain came about through a chance encounter. Chem decided to hit up a Grateful Dead concert back in 1991 in Deer Creek, Indiana. During his trip, he met up with Joe Brand and PBud who handed over an ounce of what they were calling “Dogbud.” Chem was so impressed with the strain, he managed to nab a few more ounces to take back home with him to Western Massachusetts. As luck or fate or destiny would have it, Chem pulled out no less than 13 of those magic seeds from his weed. Four of those seeds yielded three gorgeous females, one of which became Chem 91.

Chem 91

Chem 91, known as her alias “Chemdog,” quickly became notorious for her smooth, flavorful toke and uplifting effects. Today, Chem 91 is a highly sought-after, 30-year-old strain that has been the roots of some legendary offspring like OG Kush and Sour Diesel. Chemdog has grown to be such a popular strain that strains slapped with the same name often get pushed by even well-known celebrity brands. Yet, there is only one true Chemdog, made famous by the one true man.

The ChemDog Smash Hits

So, what happens when you bring a true cannabis-cultivating legend out in the open? You get access to his authentic Chem 91 grown directly from the mother plant herself. BUT, you also get all those crossbreeds and new varieties the legend has propagated over the years. This group of strains, which includes the notorious Chem 91, are known as the Smash Hits.

The Smash Hits craft cannabis line is a collection of top-shelf strains, some of which have already gained notoriety because Chem has been building the collection for over three decades. A few of the strains you’ll find in the collection include:

Up Close and Personal with the Chemdog Strain: The Real OG

It was the combination of the aromatics and the effects of the Chemdog strain back in the day that told young Greg Krzanowski he was onto something incredible. It is these very traits that have made Chemdog so legendary.


Chemog’s is a hybrid with a strong Sativa lineage, but the full lineage is a bit questionable. However, research has pointed to the likelihood that the strain is consistent with Thai and Nepali genetics.

Flavors and Aromatics

Chemdog’s dominating terpenes deliver this powerhouse of diesel-filled, earthy aromatics—you can almost always smell this strain long before you open the bag. While the initial hit comes across the tongue as pungent and earthy, notes of citrus and pine dance along the back of your tongue with the finish.

Top Reported Chemdog Effects

  • Uplifting effects
  • Happy vibes
  • Euphoric giddyness
  • Relaxing body high
  • Creativity-inducing

Where to Find Chemdog Strains?

You may see a lot of supposed Chemdawgs out there in the world of weed with questionable origins. However, the true Chemdog OG is right here at Canna Provisions. Check out our dispensary menu, take your pick from the lineup of Smash Hits, and reserve your order in advance if you want to make sure you get what you’re after.

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