Posted on June 17th, 2022 by Dan McCarthy

Clone Care from Chemdog!

So you’ve just purchased an authentic Smash Hits clone… Congratulations! 🙂 

The only thing left to do is give it all the love and care a baby needs. So we asked Chemdog and our cultivation crew to provide four quick-fire tips on how to care and raise your plant to its full potential.


Start by transplanting the small rooted clone to a larger pot, at least a 1 gal container. The bigger the pot, the bigger the room to root and grow big and strong and healthy. And, eventually, producing wonderful buds or a strong mom to clone on your own.


Make sure the clone is getting 18 hours of light or sun at first. When your clone reaches a height you like you can begin the flower process to get those buds going and growing, which is anywhere from 2-3 feet high, and you will need to be provide 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness (think, the movement of the sun in nature) to begin the budding process.


Feed the clone high nitrogen fertilizer while in veg. When the plants are flowering, switch to a bloom fertilizer (think: a macronutrient cocktail for your cannabis) which you can typically purchase at any garden store.


After about 12-14 weeks, some beautiful flower will be ready for you to harvest and begin curing. This is where the magic can really take off, and where your bud can become meh or magnificent. Hang the bud upside down in a dry cool place for about 7-10 days. Then, cut of buds off of the stem, place those cured buds in a jar with a good sealing top, pop it open every day or two at first, then enjoy your bounty!

In the end, with some care and patience, you will be rewarded for your efforts handsomely.

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