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Dabbing 101: What is Cannabis Dabbing and How Do Dabs Work?

In this introduction to dabbing cannabis, we’ll be outfitting you with a solid understanding of this increasingly popular cannabis consumption style. As you read, you’ll learn more about how dabbing works as we cover topics such as:

    • What dabbing is and why it could be a good fit for you
    • Reasons why so many consumers are making dabbing a part of their cannabis experience
    • Tips for dabbing, including safety recommendations and where to buy dabs

Maybe you’ve heard it called “dabbing,” “smoking dabs,” or something along those lines – but whatever name you know it by, dabbing is quickly becoming one of the go-to methods for enjoying cannabis. 

But if you’re a first-timer (and especially if you’re only beginning to explore the world of cannabis), dabbing can seem a bit daunting. Sure, you may be familiar with the more mainstream options like pre-rolls and edibles, but what does dabbing cannabis mean? What is a dab, how is it made, and are there different kinds of dabs out there? 

You might have a lot of questions, but we have all of the answers, plus more. So, if you’re interested in learning how to dab, you’re in the right place. And once you’ve finished reading this guide and are ready to try dabbing for yourself, we have you covered: Canna Provisions is your go-to for a diverse selection of the best-concentrated cannabis extracts in Lee and Holyoke. Our cannabis guides will get you set up with everything you need for a fantastic first-time experience and even help you pick products that suit your preferences.

But first, let’s break down the basics of Dabbing 101.

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is a way to enjoy cannabis that involves the flash vaporization of concentrated cannabis extracts (also called concentrates). Essentially, you place a “dab” on a hot surface, then it reaches vaporization temperature and turns into an inhalable vapor. 

What Type of Cannabis Do You Dab With?

“Dabs” are the highly concentrated extracts of cannabis using for dabbing. They come in many different varieties, each offering its own unique consistency, flavor, and even potency. 

In comparison to standard bud, which typically tests at 15-25% THC, dab concentrates tend to range between 50 and 80% THC. There are also some CBD dab options, though those can be rare in many areas.

How are dabs made?

Dabs are made through specialized extraction processes, all of which are designed to separate the trichomes (which contain the cannabinoids and terpenes) from the other plant material. Although there are varying ways to approach extraction, the end result is a concentrated form of cannabis rich in THC.

Some of the factors that can impact the texture, flavor, and potency of a cannabis concentrate include:

    • The type and quality of the cannabis plant (source material) used in extraction, i.e. buds, hash, whole plants, etc.
    • The method of extraction (solvent-based vs. solventless)
    • Refining techniques used post-extraction, such as dewaxing, whipping, winterization, etc.

The dab extracts made by professionals are made by trained professionals using high-grade solvents and specialized extraction equipment, then carefully tested to ensure purity and potency.

What kind of dabs are there?

The term “dab” actually encompasses a variety of products. You may see types of dabs organized into two categories:

    • Extract forms: Rely on a chemical process to extract THC from dry cannabis
    • Byproduct forms: Are naturally produced via the use of standard dry cannabis

But when you’re shopping for dabs for sale in your local dispensary, you’re much more likely to see them labeled with specific names (which usually refer to the relevant extraction method or the specific texture of each type).

Some common cannabis dab types include:

Where can I get dabs?

Since each type of dab has unique characteristics, you might find that you prefer certain ones over others. So, it can be helpful to choose a dispensary that offers many high-quality, professionally-crafted options for you to choose from – like Canna Provisions.

Our Lee and Holyoke dispensaries are stocked with an exceptional selection of concentrated cannabis extracts for dabbing, as well as friendly and experienced guides to help you find the right one for you.

Positive Points of Dabbing

Dabbing has been around for quite some time, but it’s been gaining serious ground as a popular way to make the most of cannabis – and for a good reason. Many consumers appreciate dabbing as a delivery method, specifically for the positive points they say sets it apart from the rest.


The increased concentration and delivery methods make dabs an attractive option for consumers who prefer potent, fast-acting effects. A little bit of quality concentrate goes a long way, and many consumers describe their experiences – both physical and cerebral – and pleasantly intense. 

Some consumers are even beginning to explore micro-dabbing (like microdosing), which utilizes a very small amount of concentrate.


Terpenes are the aromatic compounds in cannabis that give it its signature taste and smell. So, since concentrates are rich in terpenes, they can offer an impressively deep flavor profile that smoking simply can’t compare to. 


High-quality cannabis extracts can offer a pure, extremely clean vapor that’s significantly gentler than standard smoke. In other words, your lungs might thank you for making the switch! The traditional method of smoking cannabis involves burning plant material, which produces hot smoke and resin. However, the vaporized concentrates deliver all the cannabinoids and plant-sourced compounds you want, minus the unwanted “extras.”

How to Dab Weed Concentrates

There are a few different ways to dab, so you have the flexibility to choose a route that feels right to you. Traditionally, a dab rig and a series of specific dab tools are used, but the latest advancements offer other options. You can keep it super simple, use a nail attachment and a small, handheld torch, or go with a tech-savvy, torch-less set-up called an electronic nail (e-nail). 

Dabbing Safety

Sometimes, dabbing can get a bad rap as being dangerous or too high-risk to be worth it. But actually, if you stick with quality products and follow some common-sense rules, you can dab safely:

    • Start small: Just like any time you try something new with cannabis, start low and go slow. Don’t aim for the highest possible amount or highest potency level right out of the gate. Instead, take your time to find the “sweet spot” that delivers your ideal effects.

Forge Your Own Path with Concentrates and More from Canna Provisions

Ultimately, dabbing is just one of the many ways you can shape your unique cannabis journey. If you’re seeking a potent, flavorful experience and an outstanding variety of concentrate options, it’s certainly something worth exploring. Canna Provisions welcomes you to elevate your experience with premium-grade cannabis concentrates, flower, edibles, and more at our Massachusetts dispensaries.

Discover cannabis the way it was meant to be enjoyed: at its very best. Check out our latest specials and visit Canna Provisions Holyoke and Lee dispensaries today!

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