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Posted on April 17th, 2021 by Canna Provisions

Discover the Best Weed Strains for Cleaning Your Home

What You’ll Learn:
In this guide to the best cannabis strains to help you get in the mood for cleaning, we’ll be discussing:

    • Which cannabis strains can help you feel focused and motivated to tidy up your home
    • What to look for when you’re shopping for cannabis for energy
    • Where to find premium-quality cannabis for cleaning and every other occasion

A Cannabis Enthusiast’s Guide to the Best Cleaning Strains

Even for the most serious of neat freaks, it can be tough to muster the energy and motivation to dive into a major house cleaning. And when it comes to getting started on your spring cleaning to-do list, resisting the call of more fun – and maybe less responsible – activities is no small task.

But like most things, cleaning the house is something that can be enhanced with the addition of a little high-quality cannabis. Seasoned cannabis consumers know that there’s a strain for virtually every situation, and as it turns out, cannabis and cleaning can be a match made in marijuana-infused heaven. That is, as long as you know which strains are best suited for the occasion.

How to pick the best marijuana strains for spring cleaning

The key is to choose a “daytime strain,” that is, a sativa strain that delivers a positive, motivating high to help you power through your chores. You want to boost your energy levels and tackle your housework with a calm and collected approach, focusing on each item one by one until the cleaning is complete.

What you don’t want is that full-body, ultra-relaxing high that leaves you melting into the couch cushions in a complete state of blissful zen. While those indica-fueled highs are definitely a pleasant option for an evening break, they’re not going to be useful when you need to get some work done around the house.

Before you treat yourself to a little pre-cleaning cannabis, here are some of the strain characteristics you should look for:

    • Stick with a sativa strain (or a sativa dominant hybrid)
    • Search for a strain with effects described as “energizing,” “stimulating,” or “uplifting”
    • Keep in mind that strains with a high THC content might not be the right fit for housework, because they tend to be physically sedating

Of course, everyone experiences cannabis a little differently – so your ideal spring cleaning strain might not be the right match for someone else. Above all, opt for the strain that lifts your mood, gives you an enjoyable boost of energy, and keeps you motivated until you’ve crossed the last chore off your list.

Discover the Best Strains for Cleaning Your Home

Now that you know what characteristics make for a great spring cleaning strain, we’re going to go one step further and give you a cheat sheet to our favorite cannabis for cleaning. Our budtenders have compiled a list of our top picks for strains that will put the joy back in your clean-up routine – or at the very least, make chores a little less of a drag.

Here are the best strains to kick your spring cleaning routine into high gear:

Durban Poison

With a near-instantaneous clear and focused high, Durban Poison is an excellent choice for a little pre-cleaning prep. You can expect zero couch lock or physical heaviness, and instead look forward to effects that fuel an active head high. For many people, Durban Poison can enhance their perception of sights and sounds – kind of like a sativa-style superpower to help you spot every last speck of dust!

If you’re someone that can feel stressed out by cleaning, Durban Poison can help you achieve a sense of mindfulness that gently pushes those anxious feelings away. Get ready to feel focused, energized, and prepared to put your whole house in order.


With a 70/30 ratio of sativa to indica, Tangie is a strain cultivated in honor of Tangerine Dream, a 1990s classic. It’s taken home countless awards since its debut, making it an immediate favorite for experienced consumers that prefer a sativa-dominant option with a solid concentration of THC.

Right away, you’ll smell Tangie’s bright, citrusy scent and think of freshly-juiced tangerines. This crisp aroma is fitting for house cleaning, making for the perfect complement to a soon-to-be squeaky-clean space. Uplifting effects are the foundation of this cerebral high, with elements of focus and happiness as well.

Lemon Shortbread

A relatively new arrival to the sativa scene, Lemon Shortbread is a combination of Lemon Skunk and Sin Mint. One of the strain’s most distinguishing characteristics is its unique strawberry gas, something you’ve probably never experienced before now.

Intended for daytime enjoyment, Lemon Shortbread is a positivity powerhouse. This strain can help you get focused, stay in a good mood, and have the energy you need to start scrubbing and scouring every surface in sight.

Silver Mountain

Nicknamed “Silver MTN” and “Mt. Silver,” this sativa-dominant hybrid (70/30) was born from the crossing of Super Silver Haze and Appalachia. Its name was inspired by the unmistakably forest-green nugs, which are saturated with silvery trichomes. Silver Mountain gives off an aroma layered with notes of diesel, herbs, and citrus, finishing off with a refreshing zing of minty freshness. You can expect the flavor to measure up to the smell, incorporating just enough sour taste to wake you right up.

This strain produces a lifted, buzzy high, which pairs perfectly with the laser-focus that will help you finish off those chores you’ve been procrastinating. Keep in mind that the Silver Mountain experience usually ends on a hazy, giggly note, so consider saving this strain for a short and sweet cleaning routine.


If the usual pure sativa strains induce an unpleasant sense of raciness for you, ACDC x OMG is here to balance everything out. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that’s usually preferred for daytime use, offering up impressive versatility.

The sour, citrusy aroma is a favorite of many consumers, and you can’t beat the major mood lift and complete clarity that comes with it. Combine some ACDC x OMG with a catchy cleaning playlist, and housework suddenly won’t look so bad.

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