Posted on October 20th, 2023 by Dan McCarthy

Donuts. Coffee. Cannabis. Every Sunday At Canna Provisions Lee.

Things you enjoy, in no particular order:

A fresh, hot cup of coffee in your chosen style.

Cannabis. Lots of it, at your disposal, to purchase and consume.

Donuts. Donuts. Just saying donuts makes you happy, but donuts in general. Yes. Donuts.

Guess what? Every Sunday for the next four weeks you can hit Canna Provisions for the “Wake and Bake”, where there will be free coffee and donuts for shoppers, and all the goodies adults like you enjoy when doing what you do on Sundays. Hiking. Cooking. Church. Nothing. There is no wrong answer.

Need a suggestion? Try the Canna Provisions “3 for 36” Smash Hits deal! Three great 1g pre-rolls to pack away for your Sunday funnies.

Need more? Stop in the store Sunday!

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