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Posted on January 9th, 2021 by Canna Provisions


If you landed on this post, there’s a chance you searched the vast oceanic digital grasslands for content related to “cannabis infused green juice” or “how to make marijuana beverages”, or even “how to use marijuana tincture in juice”.

There’s also a chance none of that is true. Either way, you’re here. Thanks for that. Which brings us to the main event…

Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 2.53.37 PM
BEHIND THE SCENES: This is the first frame of these videos. Up next: Oven Smores!


Now for the good stuff – the latest episode in the newest smash hit of YouTube since Cobra Kai came out (pre-Netflix): DIY Cannabis Infused Green Juice (THC Tincture).

As always it stars Audrey from marketing. As with other videos she’s shooting from our good-vibes fortified barn and compound where the creative engine of Canna Provisions burgeoning video content creation division currently calls HQ. (Fine, it’s her kitchen at home).

This one concerns your health. And, foods that are green. And some top shelf marijuana tincture if we do say so ourselves. In this case it’s Howl’s Daytime whole-plant infusion THC tincture. This isn’t the first time you’ve seen Howl’s Tinctures in the Canna Provisions content orbit (for a refresher click here).

Dose It Yourself DIY cannabis green juice thc tincture howl's daytime whole plant infusion
Canna Provisions Dose It Yourself series finally involves fruit and veggies and thc marijuana tincture in one video.


Make sure you have a juicer. Forgot to mention that. Unless you are really strong and can squeeze things hard but that’s messy and you’ll definitely not wind up with what we are thinking. Which looks like this:

canna provisions dose it yourself diy cannabis infused green juice thc tincture
This is Audrey’s “OOOH JUUUUICE” face when using Howl’s thc tincture to make green juice.


But before you get to the final-final product, you have to employ your hand at using a tincture dropper. The good news is it’s easy. If it’s not easy for you find someone. They’re likely to find it easy.

canna provisions dose it yourself diy cannabis infused green juice thc tincture
In these hands reside Howl’s Daytime whole-plant cannabis infused tincture. Squirt some. It’s lovely.


Then all that’s left is to dose it, stir it, enjoy it. And/or store it for a few days of extended enjoyment. Extended enjoyment is always preferred when things are enjoyable. What’s more enjoyable than this DIY cannabis-infused green juice with Howl’s Daytime whole-plant infusion marijuana tincture.

canna provisions dose it yourself diy green juice thc tincture
When you’ve dosed your DIY cannabis infused green juice pour it into a glass jar and keep it covered to make it last a few days Or don’t, we’re not the boss of you.


CHECK THE FULL VIDEO! The full breakdown and tutorial is available on YouTube right here

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