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5 Strains by Nature’s Heritage Cannabis

Guide to the Top Five Cannabis Strains by Nature’s Heritage – Canna Provisions

Whether you’re typing “dispensary near me” into your search bar, seeking a reputable “dispensary near NY,” or exploring options “near Lee MA” and “in Holyoke,” Canna Provisions is your go-to source. Our “Flower Power” series has been diving deep into the top cannabis flower menu selection offered by the different thoughtfully curated menu partners and cannabis cultivators carried at Canna Provisions in Lee and Canna Provisions in Holyoke.Today’s installment: Nature’s Heritage. Join us as we unveil the exceptional qualities that make these strains stand out in the saturated cannabis market.


Top Five Nature’s Heritage Strains You Must Try:

  • Rainbow Chip

    (Sunset Sherbert x Mint Chocolate Chip)

    Rainbow Chip cannabis strain by Nature's Heritage
    Image via Nature’s Heritage

    Rainbow Chip is regularly a top selling strain in Massachusetts. What is the effect of Rainbow Chip? From Nature’s Heritage mouth to your ears: “If Ben & Jerry grew cannabis, it would be this strain. An industry favorite for the genetics, a connoisseur favorite for the terp profile. Indescribably tasty, euphoric high- need we say more?” No you don’t need to. But you (the reader) should pick up some at the closest dispensary near NY and dispensary in Holyoke like Canna Provisions Lee and Canna Provisions Holyoke.


    (GMO x Trophy Wife)

    Chocolatina cannabis strain by Nature's Heritage at Canna Provisions Lee and Holyoke
    Image via Nature’s Heritage

    Chocolatina is another regular on the most-popular and best selling strains from Nature’s Heritage at Canna Provisions in Lee and Holyoke. Here’s how they describe it: Sweet & savory experience with light green nugs bursting with neon orange stigmas and a coat of trichomes. We say it brings the chocolate and the full body effect. Don’t miss this one if it’s in stock!

    Dosi woah

    Do-Si-Dos x Ethos Kush RBX4

    Dosi Woah strain by Nature's Heritage at Canna Provisions stores in Holyoke and Lee Massachusetts.
    Image via Nature’s Heritage.

    Oh oh, Dosi-Woah! An indica-dominant hybrid that delivers a powerful punch with its solid THC levels and is as much a customer favorite as it is a staff favorite cannabis strain from Nature’s Heritage found at Canna Provisions stores in Western Massachsuetts. A cross of Dosidos and Ethos Krush, this one brings earth, spice, nuttiness, and petrol with pungent gas fumes and sour candy for a consistent knockout strain.

    double krush

    Chemdog 91 BBX2 x Chem Krush (SFV BX2 x Chemdog 91)

    Double Krush cannabis strain by Nature's Heritage at Canna Provisions Lee and Holyoke.
    Image via Nature’s Heritage.

    Double Krush is known by Nature’s Heritage to be “one of Nature’s Heritage’s heaviest hitting strains, delivers a potent punch” and boy does that deliver. Sweet and pine and smokey with a hash vibe, this one is pure gas with all the Chemdog notes one wants while also getting a double blast of classic petrol and rubbery sweet.


    (Chem D x i95 x Mandarin Cookies) x (Headband x i95)

    Crescendo strain by Nature's Heritage.
    Image via Nature’s Heritage.

    Crescendo. A new standard in powerhouse High Times award-winning strains. An indica-dominant hybrid by Ethos Genetics, Crescendo offers a symphony of sweet, earthy, and citrus flavors. A favorite among visitors of our “dispensary near NY,” it’s known for its relaxed and happy effects, making it a must-try for nighttime relaxation. Expect flavors of earth and pine and sweetness, along with gassy petrol and kush, with a touch of cookie dough. It took third place in the 2022 High Times Cannabis Cup.

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