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French King Strain

What Is the French King Strain?

A picture-perfect example of sure-to-be cannabis royalty, the French King strain is a Hybrid offering from RYTHM cannabis. French King is all aromatic regality and uplifts your mind and body before gracefully encouraging you to bow to your knees in utter relaxation. With a uniquely mixed bag of upscale flavors like tea, citrus, and vanilla, French King is bound to have you starry-eyed and appreciative after just a few hits. Cannabis nobility at its finest—check out French King below.

French King Strain Info


Genetics: Mysterious, possibly OG Kush lineage

The French King strain is just one of the top strains offered by RYTHM cannabis, and the strain genetics are a bit of a mystery. Some sources claim that French King is an offspring of OG Kush, which is highly possible with the cannabinoid lineup. Either way, the end result is a mind-easing, mind-stimulating Hybrid with loads of flavor and a slight Sativa lean. French King is reported to have a THC range between 12 and 16 percent, with an interesting amount of CBD to balance out the effects.


Top Terpenes: Pinene, Limonene, Nerolidol, and Geraniol

French King has an interesting terpene lineup, which makes it a nice break from some of the myrcene and caryophyllene-heavy cultivars. With top players like pinene and limonene, there is a definite mix of zest and earth, but the nerolidol and Geraniol serve up this telltale floral sweetness almost like vanilla tea. Some users claim there is a hint of tropical fruitiness with French King, while others also report tobacco-like flavors and aromatics.

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Top Effects: Uplifting high with a sense of talkative bliss, creativity, and relaxation

French King is a Sativa-leaning Hybrid, but is so well-balanced that it is not quite as energetic as some Sativa-dominant strains. You get hit right off with this all-over buzz that slips into your consciousness and leaves you chatty and uplifted. However, there is this mellowness or demure relaxation to French King—you will feel socially connected with an amazing sense of focus and calmness. A lot of people turn to French King for pain when they want to stay alert but feel better.

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