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Green Market Report “2023 Notable Leaders in Cannabis” Spotlights CEO Meg Sanders

Green Market Report, Crain Communication’s crown jewel covering the financial and business side of the legal cannabis industry, has published its 2023 Notable Leaders in Cannabis awards.

Present in the list of esteemed cannabis business executives from every corner of the industry, is Canna Provisions CEO and co-founder, Meg Sanders.

The business journalists and orbiting team of industry wonks led by Debra Borchardt reviewed hundreds of potential honorees and revealed who was best of the best for 2023.

Green Market Report 2023 Notable Leaders in Cannabis Meg Sanders Canna Provisions

From Green Market Report:

The 75 Notable Leaders in Cannabis showcased here have all demonstrated a willingness to effect meaningful change in a dynamic industry. Their innovation, drive, and leadership help move the market forward while navigating a wide range of challenges thrown in their directions. The honorees include plant-touching and non-plant-touching companies from across the cannabis world.

Green Market Report’s Notable Leaders in Cannabis is part of a time-honored Crain’s program that recognizes leaders across a range of industries for their success and accomplishments, both in their field and in their communities. The Notable program began in 2017 and has recognized more than 5,000 leaders in Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Grand Rapids, and New York – and now nationally for the cannabis industry.

It should come as no surprise. In an industry largely helmed by men, Sanders stands tall with her innovative strategies and community engagement, leading Canna Provisions to accolades such as “Best Recreational Dispensary in MA” by Chronogram Magazine for three consecutive years.

Sanders was named 2022 Cannabis Businessperson of the Year at the 2022 NECANN Awards in Boston, and has been recognized in various outlets over the years as a woman to watch in weed, from Skunk Magazine, to Women in Weed magazine, and more.

But beyond her strategic acumen lies a distinct leadership style that is both rare and invaluable. A proponent of the “Dare To Lead” program by Brene Brown, Sanders believes in the power of vulnerability in leadership. By connecting authentically and showing vulnerability to her employees, Sanders fosters an environment of trust and empowerment. This leadership nuance not only strengthens her company’s foundation but makes her voice an essential one for any discussion on modern leadership and company culture.

Crain Communication Green Market Report Notable Leaders in Cannabis

Sanders transformed a $5 million investment into a flourishing $55 million+ brand, ranking Canna Provisions as the 8th largest independent cannabis company in Massachusetts [Boston Business Journal, October 2023].

With over 100 employees across two thriving retail outlets and a craft cultivation, Sanders is dedicated to fostering community growth. This commitment was evident when she worked to bring the legendary US legacy market cannabis cultivator, Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski, to the legal market through Massachusetts’ Social Equity program. In partnership with co-founder and COO Erik Williams, Sanders launched the award-winning local craft cannabis brand, Smash Hits cannabis with Chemdog as Director of Cultivation. This innovative venture is now being showcased in select retail outlets across the Bay State, and featured across various cannabis media outlets.

Sanders’ success reaches beyond business metrics. Canna Provisions is the first cannabis company in Lee to sponsor free live music for community establishments and stands as the pioneer dispensary to sit on the board of the Holyoke St. Patrick’s Day Road Race. Further showcasing her commitment to community enrichment, Sanders has been pivotal in organizing numerous wellness and educational initiatives, from cannabis-forward yoga events at historic Berkshires locations to private cannabis consumption events, tailor-made for women.

Her unparalleled leadership and community engagement have not gone unnoticed. Renowned publications such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and broadcast outlets like 60 Minutes and NBC New York have all profiled Sanders, underlining her impact on both the cannabis industry and society at large.

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