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Guide to Weed Vaporizers

There’s nothing wrong with staying true to tradition, but sometimes, keeping up with a changing world requires a little innovation. 

Even though it’s not likely that smoking cannabis will ever take a backseat to other forms of consumption (though crazier things have happened), a growing number of enthusiasts are exploring new ways to enjoy their favorite flower. With vaping gaining ground on smoking in general – both cannabis and tobacco – it makes sense that marijuana vaporizers are now one of the most in-demand cannabis accessories out there. 

Convenient, discreet, and smoke-free, vaping cannabis is heating up the industry as a top trend that definitely won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. We’re breaking down everything you want to know about cannabis vaporizers, giving you a guide to getting started with a vape that suits your style.

What is a Marijuana Vaporizer?

A cannabis vaporizer (also called a “vape”) is an electronic device that heats up dry cannabis herb or cannabis concentrate. Once it reaches the right temperature, the marijuana will transmit its active ingredients via a light, fluffy vapor. The vapor carries THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids and can be easily inhaled by the consumer. 

When you’re searching for dry herb vapes for sale, you’ll generally see two main types available: desktop vapes and portable vapes.

Desktop vaporizers

A desktop vape for cannabis is designed to be set up for use in a single place. In other words, this is not the vape you’d keep on hand for on-the-go cannabis consumption. Depending on the model, desktop vapes might use a “balloon” (a large bag that fills with vapor) or a “whip” (a mouthpiece resembling a hose) to deliver the vapor.

Desktop vaporizers must be plugged into a wall outlet and are generally far too large to move from place to place. You benefit from precision-level control over temperature, which gives you a greater capability to customize your vaping experience. 

Portable vaporizers

As the name suggests, portable vapes are your best option for taking vaping on the road (not literally, of course – never consume cannabis and drive). Portable vapes for dry herb and concentrates come in all shapes, styles, and sizes, ranging from sleek and simple pen-style devices to larger, handheld vapes packed with premium features. 

If you’ve ever wondered, “what is a weed pen?” the simple answer is that it’s a slim, small portable vape that looks a lot like a standard pen. The not-so-simple answer is that, when it comes to vape pens for dry herb cannabis and concentrates, variety is the name of the game. 

You can find both disposable weed pens for single-use sessions, as well as rechargeable models. Each type of cannabis vape pen has its own pros and cons, so it’s entirely up to you to choose one that feels right:

    • Cartridge pens are designed to be paired with cartridges that have been prefilled with hash oil. A great budget-friendly option, this type of vape pen is powered by a battery, screwing directly onto a compatible cartridge for a no-fuss experience.
    • Concentrate pens are very similar to cartridge pens, except you’ll be the one doing the concentrate fill-ups. Using a cannabis concentrate (sometimes thinned out with a specially-made “juice), you’ll fill the tank or chamber before vaping.
    • Dry herb vapes are the first choice for cannabis enthusiasts who want to stick to dry flower. They’re slightly larger than most other pen-style vapes, but they are easy to enjoy with any one of your favorite varieties of flower. 

What is the Difference Between Vaping and Smoking?

When it comes to discussing vaping vs. smoking, much of the conversation is based on personal preference. What might be advantageous to vaping in one consumer’s eyes could be considered drawbacks to another, making it a choice that only you can make.

Like any form of cannabis consumption, your best bet is to explore a few vaping options to decide if it’s the right fit for you. Here are a few key difference between smoking and vaping to inform your decision:

    • Vaping is more convenient for most consumers because it requires less set-up and cleanup alike. In particular, dry herb vapes are considered “clean” because there’s no oil to spill or sticky residue to deal with. Plus, the lightweight portable vape devices can be kept in a purse or pocket for easy storage and travel. 
    • Vaping gives you all the flexibility of smoking, especially when you’re working with dry herb vaporizers. You can enjoy all the same flower options that you would while smoking, with the option to expand your repertoire to cannabis concentrates with the addition of an inexpensive cartridge pen.
    • Vaping is smoke-free, making it ideal for consumers who need to avoid smoke exposure for health reasons – or even those that just don’t like being around smoke. 

Tips for Finding the Dry Herb Vaporizers for You

Before you click “Add to Cart” on a brand-new cannabis vape, here are a few shopping tips to keep in mind:

    • Weigh your options in terms of price point, features, and functionality, and don’t hesitate to invest in a quality device if you plan to make vaping your primary form of consumption. You can definitely find a variety of budget-friendly vapes, but upgrading to a more expensive model might be worth it in the long run.
    • Ask questions to ensure that you’re buying a vape that will work with the material you prefer. Because vapes are generally designed to be used with either dry herb or concentrate, it’s not a detail that you’ll want to overlook.
    • Pair your vape with a premium product for the best experience. Even if you treat yourself to a luxury-level device, it won’t matter much if you’re still going with subpar flower. Instead, choose a high-end dispensary with a curated collection of top-quality strains, flowers, and more. 

Shop Premium Cannabis Vapes and Flower from Canna Provisions

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