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Head High vs Body High

For new-to-cannabis consumers, one of the biggest questions surrounding the cannabis experience surrounds the topic of “feeling high.” Even if you consider yourself well-versed in the language of marijuana, you might still be uncertain about the different types of “highs.”

The conversation of body high vs. head high is one that’s constantly occurring within the cannabis community. Understanding the differences between the two, and the specific strains or products usually associated with each, is the best way to set yourself up for a satisfying experience every time. 

As your trusted guides to all things cannabis, the Canna Provisions team is sharing everything that we know about body highs and head highs in this short and sweet guide. Ultimately, our goal is to help you learn which experience you prefer when you might choose one over the other and how to shop accordingly.

Head Highs and Body Highs: What Does It Mean?

Before we jump into the differences between head highs and body highs, let’s start with the basics. 

As you’ve probably guessed, head and body highs are each named for where you tend to feel the commonly-reported effects of a specific strain:

    • A body high is described as one that you physically feel in your body
    • A head high is associated with mental effects occurring within the mind

Understanding each is important, especially if you want to be capable of customizing your own cannabis experience. You might discover that you prefer one or the other, depending on your mood or the occasion. 

What is a Body High?

So, what does a body high feel like? Consumers usually correlate a body high with physical relaxation, calming, and the feeling of tension completely disappearing. For some consumers, reported effects include relaxed muscles, less body discomfort, and better sleep. If you’ve ever heard anyone talk about “couch lock,” they were probably describing a body high.

What is a Head High?

On the other head of the spectrum is a head high. Consumers describe a head high as one that brings about positive changes in mood, energy, motivation, and even creativity. A head high experience might be associated with a sense of physical and mental alertness, allowing you to think, interact, and create on a higher level. Words like “cerebral” and “euphoria” are often used in connection with this mentally centered experience. 

Head High vs. Body High: When, Where, and Why

When you’re considering a head vs. body high, it’s clear that each one has its own very unique characteristics. As a result, choosing the “right” one is a personal decision that should consider a wide range of factors, including the following.

Time of day

Does your workday start in the early morning hours? Is being awake and alert important to the success of your day? If so, then a body high probably isn’t the best idea first thing in the morning. The consumer-reported effects of a body high include sleepiness and intense relaxation, which don’t exactly mesh well with a busy morning.

On the other hand, if you’ve just wrapped up a long workday and are settling in for an evening at home, a body high might be exactly what you want. Right before bed, a body high could be a great way to wind down and set yourself up for sweet slumber.


Your personality, or nature, can also help answer the question of head high vs. body high. For example, if you tend to be extremely energetic or anxious, then a head high might be too much. Instead, a body high could be the balance you’re searching for. 

Conversely, if stress isn’t an issue, getting focused on a task is then considered a head high. The boost of motivation and concentration associated with head highs could make you feel better equipped to tackle your to-do list.

Cannabis goals

When you envision your “perfect” cannabis experience, what does it look like? Are you hoping to kick your creative spirit into high gear, or are you in need of a full night’s sleep?

Every individual has unique goals, and those goals are generally a good guide to choosing between the two types of highs.

Consumption method

How you consume your choice of cannabis can also affect the balance of head high vs. body high. For example, vaping or smoking cannabis is generally correlated with more rapid effects than eating an edible. Certain effects may take more or less time to set in, so be prepared to be patient and pay attention to how you’re feeling. 

Choose Your Own Adventure: Strains for Every Style

Once you have a clearer idea of the high that’s right for you, you can take a more informed approach to shop for strains and products. 

Cannabis strains are frequently organized into three core categories: hybrid, indica, and sativa. Each of these strain types is believed to be characterized by certain effects, as well as a specific high. However, it’s a topic that’s widely debated in the cannabis community.

In fact, at Canna Provisions, we don’t necessarily use these categories as the be-all, end-all of cannabis classification. 

Even so, familiarizing yourself with the highs that hybrid, indica, or sativa strains are typically connected with is helpful:

    • Sativa strains are believed to induce head highs, producing a “brain buzz” with effects that may include increased creativity, focus, motivation, and happiness. Higher concentrations of THC are a common characteristic of sativa strains.
    • Indica strains are often associated with body highs, described as the best option for consumers wanting physical relaxation, relief from discomfort, and improved sleep. Generally, indica strains have a higher ratio of CBD in comparison to THC.
    • Hybrid strains are a cross between two strains and can vary widely, depending on whether they are indica-dominant or sativa dominant. You’ll need to know more details about a hybrid strain and its genetic background to even begin to pinpoint which type of high it might offer.

When you’re at Canna Provisions dispensaries in Holyoke and Lee, you’ll notice that our products are organized using a different framework. We’ve opted to eliminate the guesswork from strain selection, switching out “sativa,” “indica,” and “hybrid” for category names that describe how each type is likely to affect you:

Just by glancing at those category names, you can probably guess which ones are related to body or head highs – and that was exactly our goal.

Shop Premium Products for Every Type of High at Canna Provisions

There’s a strain – and a high – for just about every adult consumer, and Canna Provisions is dedicated to helping you find yours. Our collection of strains and products features plenty of sativa, indica, and hybrid options, each boasting varying cannabinoids to suit your specific goals. And with a friendly Canna Provisions guide by your side, you can navigate all your options with ease.

For more details about the difference between each type of “high,” as well as the strains that might be right for you, visit the Canna Provisions dispensary nearest you today.

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