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Posted on June 1st, 2022 by Dan McCarthy

Holyoke Monthly Artist Showcase June 2022: Melissa Allis

Canna Provisions Holyoke for some is the end result of searching “dispensary near me” for legal adult-use cannabis at a dispensary near Albany NY, Saratoga Springs NY, Northampton MA, Springfield, Chicopee, and other points in Western Massachusetts.

Whatever the reason someone finds themselves at Canna Provisions Holyoke, about 10 minutes off the highway, once you are inside visitors are presented a feast for the eyes.

Amazing displays of actual product packaging and information to interact with. Immersive cannabis flower displays using up-cycled industrial equipment and gear from the Holyoke retail dispensary in its former life. And each month, you can find a different local Holyoke artists featured on the walls of Canna Provisions Holyoke with our new local arts spotlight series showcasing Pioneer Valley artists in an adult-use cannabis dispensary-meets-art gallery vibe.

Cannabis and the arts. A natural pairing of mutual support and respect at Canna Provisions.




Pioneer Valley artist Melissa Allis Canna Provisions

Your art has a lot of the natural world as its focus – lions, bees, weed. Why is that your main inspiration point? 

Being outside is a part of my lifestyle. I have a lot of appreciation for nature so I try to surround myself with it when given the opportunity.  This is reflected in my artwork.

Tell me about your journey as an artist. When did it begin, and what’s driving you now?

I loved to draw as a child, copying cartoons like Garfield and Roger Rabbit.  My late uncle, Ralph Fournier, who was an artist and architect in St. Louis, was of influence to me.  When I was about 13, he introduced me to watercolors and let me help him paint portraits of my grandparents.  He sent me several of his favorite books featuring artists such as Norman Rockwell. After high school I had stopped drawing and  painting as I attended nursing school and had children.  My children took an interest in art and I began painting with them about four years ago.  I’m driven by the positive feedback and the enjoyment it brings me.

Has your experience as a nurse informed your art beyond that one piece I saw on your page?

I made that piece for an exhibit at Pulp Holyoke called “Pushing the Envelope: Art in the Time of Pandemic“. It is my only piece that conveys my experience as a nurse.  Contributing and being a part of that exhibit was significant to me and helped me process what was happening in my workplace and worldwide.

Where is your favorite place to go in Holyoke or the Pioneer Valley to get inspired? 

I enjoy going to local museums and love seeing local art such as the murals in Springfield and the streetside artwork in places like Amherst center. I find the work of other artists inspiring.

All art is saying something (even if it’s nothing, which is something). What is yours saying?

There isn’t a lot of action or bold statements in my art.  With color and detail, it draws your attention to simple things.


Where do you want your art to take you? Or even, where do you want to take your art? Showcases? New mediums? 

I feel like I’m still starting out and there’s a lot of room for me to grow as an artist.  With no plan in mind, I see myself continuing to paint what I enjoy and hope it brings pleasure to others.  I’m very grateful for the opportunity to share my artwork.

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