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Posted on April 18th, 2023 by Dan McCarthy

Leafly’s America’s Hottest Cannabis for 4/20 2023 List Names Four Smash Hits Strains

Every year Leafly puts out a list of America’s Hottest Cannabis for 4/20. Canna Provisions made the list, and not just for our 420 deals and events.

And because they are smart people with great taste, they included four strains from Smash Hits cannabis. Namely, Chem 91, Chem’s Fruit Stand, our Strain of the Month-hyped Lemon OG Haze, and the High Times Massachusetts Cannabis Cup award-winning California Raisins from Smash Hits cannabis.

Leafly 4/20 strains 2023 chem 91 cannaprovisions

From Leafly:

Millions and millions of weed fans will take Thursday, April 20 off to celebrate 4/20—Leafly Nation’s own Independence Day. 

But you can’t 420 without some amazing ganja.

Same as last year, Leafly checked in with more than a dozen key culture-keepers like Wiz Khalifa’s team, the breeder Chemdog, Seed Junky Genetics, and Alien Labs. Our expert reviewers from Los Angeles to Bozeman, MT assembled an unmatched buyer’s guide covering 18 states.

Below, we celebrate a baker’s dozen of classic strains, best-sellers, and fresh cup-winners. We got a dank, strong mix of hybrids, sizzling sativas for the all-day seshing, and indicas that put you in da couch.

Don’t bring your baby lungs—here are America’s hottest strains of 4/20 2023.

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