Leafly best outdoor strains Chemdog Chem D Chem 4 Canna Provisions Smash Hits cannabis

Posted on February 15th, 2023 by Dan McCarthy

Leafly’s Best Strains To Grow In New York This Year Highlights Smash Hits and Canna Provisions

Valentine’s Day was extra sweet this year.

Because that was the day Leafly dropped a big national story on the Best Strains To Grow In New York in 2023, focusing on getting some expert commentary on what one needs to consider when approaching outdoor cultivation in New York state, Massachusetts, and other parts of Northeast.

As one would expect, they turned to Director of Cultivation for Smash Hits cannabis by Canna Provisions, Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski, for his sage-like thoughts from his own experience both personally, and growing Canna Provisions sun-grown Smash Hits flower here in the Berkshires of Western Mass.

From the Leafly story:

Leafly best outdoor strains Chemdog Chem D Chem 4 Canna Provisions Smash Hits cannabis

Should I grow indoors or outdoors in the Northeast?

Legendary grower/breeder Chemdog of the strain Chemdog is a Massachusetts native and recommends going for an outdoor grow in the Northeast. He’s the Director of Cultivation at Canna Provisions in western Mass, only an hour away from New York.

The veteran sungrower said aspiring gardeners should plan to battle hot, humid summers and cold, early, long winters. That means getting a greenhouse. Shield plants from rain during the muggy summer and fall. Fight bud rot by shaking off morning dew.

“In the Northeast, there’s a lot of rain here. The season isn’t like CA and a lot of those west coast states,” said Chemdog. “So even if [your garden is] somewhat covered it’s gonna do you wonders, especially when the buds form, because of those long, humid summers.”

It continued…

Classic genetics at home

Validated Chem 4 from Chemdog brand Smash Hits Cannabis, sold by CannaProvisions. (Courtesy Smash Hits)
Validated Chem 4 from Chemdog brand Smash Hits Cannabis, sold by CannaProvisions

Canna Provisions also sells super-affordable clones of classic Chemdog variants Chem D and Chem 4 just a little east of the Catskills at their Lee, MA store.

“We fully support home grow,” Chem said. “We try to be for the people at the end of the day.”

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