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Complete Guide to Microdosing

In the cannabis community, potency has long reigned supreme, with plenty of consumers embarking on missions to experience the latest and greatest high-THC strands. But now, a growing number of people are discovering the possibility of scaling back consumption – essentially, it turns out that in some cases, less really is more.

Known as “microdosing,” (or can be spelled as micro-dosing) this cannabis consumption technique is making the transition from trend to the mainstream method. Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis consumer or a recent arrival to the world of marijuana, microdosing might just be the key to unlocking a completely new kind of cannabis experience. 

What is Microdosing?

Micro-dosing is exactly what it sounds like: enjoying small amounts of cannabis, in an effort to achieve the perfect balance between THC’s desirable benefits and psychoactive effects. Although this technique was originally associated with hallucinogens such as LSD, it’s now transforming the way that experts consider cannabis. 

Like any substance, cannabis can produce significantly different effects from person to person – what serves your needs might result in a terrible experience for someone else. A big part of your cannabis journey is determining which methods, products, and strains suit your preferences. Now, microdosing is offering yet another way to approach consumption. 

Instead of aiming for sky-high levels of THC, microdosing utilizes very small doses of cannabis to deliver precise effects. Consumers with a wide range of goals, including relief from chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and depression, have found that micro-dosing is an excellent fit for their needs.

What are the Benefits of Microdosing?

As researchers dive into a huge array of cannabis studies, micro-dosing has been one of the often studied subjects. Already, there are a handful of clinical research studies that have made connections between micro-dosing and positive benefits, giving microdosers plenty of science to stand on:

    • In 2012, researchers began a study involving patients with advanced cancer, specifically those who had had no luck with traditional painkillers. The team administered a CBD/THC combination to three groups at three varying doses (high, medium, and low), then looked into which group experienced the most pain relief. Surprisingly, the group that was given the lowest cannabinoid dose reported the most significant relief from pain, while the high-dose group noted that their pain levels often increased.
    • A 2014 study looked at whether low doses of (synthetic) cannabinoids could be useful for individuals suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). With just a four-milligram dose, there were impressive improvements in various PTSD symptoms, including nightmares, insomnia, and others.

How Do I Try Microdose Cannabis?

When you’re how to microdose, you have plenty of options to choose from. However, many people realize that certain methods are more effective for them than others. Here are just a few ways to microdose:

Microdosing Tinctures and oils

With cannabis tinctures and oils, you can maintain excellent control over your dosage. This precision makes it easy to tailor a single serving as low as you’d like and also simplifies the process of establishing a consistent dosage and routine.

Microdosing Edibles

Edibles are another popular option for micro-dosing, but there are a few challenges to consider. Depending on the type of cannabis edibles you choose, it could be difficult to break it into exact doses. For example, a 100mg-THC brownie would have to be cut into precise servings to micro-dose with 10mg doses, and you can imagine how tough that could be. However, there are certain low-dose products, such as hard candies, teas, or gummies, that can make micro-dosing with edibles far easier.

Microdosing Smoking and vaping

Some consumers opt to try smoking or vaping cannabis for micro-dosing, but be aware that this can be a challenging method. One option is to take just a single puff, then wait several minutes to determine the results. However, when you’re vaping or smoking cannabis, it’s nearly impossible to control the exact amount of THC hitting your system, so keep that in mind.

The question of the best dose for microdosing has a short and simple answer: it’s complicated. Because each person can experience THC so differently, the ideal micro-dosing amount varies wildly. Factors like cannabinoid receptors, liver metabolism, and experience level can all play a part in the best micro-dose for you. At the end of the day, most experts agree that starting low and going slow is a smart, effective approach. 

The goal of micro-dosing is to pinpoint the serving that achieves your cannabis goals without making you “feel high.” While this might take a certain amount of trial and error, once you get there, the payoff is more than worth it.

Is Microdosing Right for Me?

Much like any form of cannabis, trying micro-dosing is a highly personal decision. It’s important to consider your individual goals, including any medical issues you’re hoping to target. At our dispensaries in Massachusetts, we’ve seen patients choose micro-dosing for anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia, stress, and more.

Many have reported that micro-dosing, rather than high-potency strains, have produced their ideal results. Additionally, patients with chronic conditions often utilize micro-dosing for day-to-day maintenance, turning to higher doses only when they are experiencing a major symptom flare-up.

Both medical and recreational consumers can benefit from the micro-dosing approach, so it ultimately comes down to your unique preferences. Particularly for inexperienced cannabis consumers, micro-dosing can be an excellent starting point.

If you aren’t sure whether micro-dosing is right for you, the Canna Provision team is happy to help. We’ll break down your specific wants and needs, experience level, and desired experience, then chat about when and how to microdose cannabis in a way that could suit you.

Make Microdosing Part of Your Cannabis Lifestyle with Products from Canna Provisions

If learning about micro-dosing has led you to consider incorporating it into your cannabis journey, the team at Canna Provisions will be happy to serve as your expert guides. We take pride in staying ahead of the latest trends and breakthroughs in cannabis, so that we’re always well-informed and prepared to empower our customers to select products that satisfy their needs.

From our premium cannabis products to our extensive knowledge, the Canna Provisions dispensaries in Western Massachusetts will serve as your ideal home base for an exceptional cannabis experience. With a diverse selection of cannabis products including tinctures, oils, and edibles, Canna Provisions carries everything you need to discover the benefits of micro-dosing for yourself.

Explore the many ways that microdosing can fit into your cannabis adventures by visiting our Western Massachusetts dispensaries today or order online.




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