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Posted on September 22nd, 2023 by Dan McCarthy

New York Legal Cannabis Testing Reveals Mold And Heavy Metals A ‘Serious Health Issue”

Hey New York!

You really deserve better weed.

Yes we know that you waited a long time for legal cannabis laws to usher in dispensaries in Albany and Manhattan and Syracuse and everywhere. But that’s not rolling out so well.

Making it worse: The weed is not up to standards for safe consumption. Mold, heavy metals, and other issues are plaguing test results of sample cannabis procured in the state.


“The majority of these products should not have been allowed to be sold to consumers and may pose a serious health threat,” said Sarah Ahrens, founder and CEO of New Jersey cannabis testing company True Labs for Cannabis.

Among the findings on the poor quality flower in New York state legal marijuana market from NY Cannabis Insider, who found “systemic public health failures at every level of the state’s legal cannabis industry, from farmers to labs to state regulators, that experts say may pose a serious health threat to consumers”. It’s worth noting that last year the state mandated its conditional marijuana cultivators grow outdoors to encourage sustainability. However, “top-selling weed strains, available at licensed dispensaries from Western New York to Manhattan, contain microbial levels 10-250 times higher than what’s allowed under the state’s rules for medical cannabis.”

Also, the state’s agency is “aware of non-compliant test results but has not detected serious or systemic problems with testing accuracy or compliance”. However…

This despite roughly 40 publicly available lab reports for some of New York’s best-known brands that clearly show noncompliant testing, misreported numbers and missing results. In short, the integrity of the legal cannabis marketplace rests on a bedrock of safety, testing, and regulatory enforcement.

  • The state’s requirement that weed be grown outside – and not indoors – has led to high levels of bacteria, yeast and mold among products that experts say should not reach consumers.
  • Despite its public health and safety mandate, state regulators have maintained a relatively hands-off approach to enforcement and have left it up to farmers – who are struggling to survive – to decide whether their products are safe.
  • Dozens of publicly available test results show state-certified labs have consistently broken the rules for reporting pesticides, heavy metals and other contaminants.

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